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Marcy's Journal




Teaching in the city

Teaching in Zambrano Passing of a friend

Drama (see pictures)

Even though we celebrated Passover with friends, I was craving seeing a Resurrection Drama.  Mid-week, Francisco invited us to a drama presentation at his church.  On Friday night, they acted out some of the miracles of Jesus and his arrest.  On Sunday morning, they finished with Jesus’ death, burial, and resurrection.  It was very well done, the kids watched the whole thing, and it was great to be reminded of how our Redeemer came out of the tomb!  Jesus is alive!

Teaching in the city (Kjell)

Every day, Mikalya and I drive an hour or more (mas o menos) to get to Discovery School in Tegucigalpa, the capital city.  The year has been wonderful, filled with incredible experiences teaching language arts in the high school. The opportunities to share with students and even teachers and staff has been amazing.  The other day I had to interrupt my unit on poetry to talk about perseverance because my seniors were suffering from 'senioritis' in a bad way.  To influence and impact young men and women is so satisfying and gratifying.  The end of the school year is winding down, the heat is becoming quite a factor - at times it is in the 90s and very humid (without air conditioning).

Teaching in Zambrano (Kjell)

The English classes are also coming to an end.  They have been extremely fun and satisfying in that the students are excited about learning English and in developing a relationship. Many friendships have come as a result of the English Classes. Last Sunday, I spent an hour talking to one student - in Spanish and in English - about the Mormons and Jehovah's Witnesses. It's through these relationships that we can tell people the truth, about God's goodness, be there to answer any questions they have, and pray for and with them.

Passing of a Friend (see picture)

Sometimes people in Honduras just want medicine and do not want to go to a doctor.  Healthcare is 'free', but the money to get there, the money to buy what you need when there, and some proceedures are not.  Lucia had been struggling with pain in her stomach area for awhile - each week getting medicine, but not medical attention (despite the advice of others).  When the pain was unbearable, someone drove her to Comayagua (45 mintues away).  The hospital could not help her because they had no anesthesia!  So, she drove to Tegucigalpa (45 minutes from here, but 2 hours from Comayagua because that is the other direction).  As she waited to be operated on, her appendix burst and she died.  She leaves behind a husband, Santo, and four children:  Santo Jr. Dunia, Frances, and Fernando. 

     Most women greet me with a hug and kiss when I see them (it is the culture).  Lucia always did (as well as her daughter Dunia).  Please pray for her family as well as Hondurans to have wisdom with medical issues.  A lot of times Hondurans go to a person in town that does natural remedies (sort of like massage therapy as well as some supersitious things mixed in there) or look for medicine to relieve symptoms.  Unfortunately, syptoms that are serious (such as appendecitis) are not often diagnosed differently from common somtach virus symptoms (parasite or dissentary problem).   



Fernando and Lucia




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