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Member Care Training

Semana Santa

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Member Care Training (pictures)

March 31st I flew to Pennsylvania for a member care 2 week training course at Heartstream Resources in Liverpool.   Week 1 consisted of the definition and philosophy of member care; stages of spiritual formation and moral development; stages of psychosocial development and their relationship to trust and belief; stages of cross-cultural career in relation to life cycle stages; role of the Holy Spirit in relation to life cycle stages, life and ministry development; human needs theories and relevance to cross-cultural workers; personality types and how they relate to leadership styles, teams, stress, relationships; concepts of servant leadership in relation to member care; organizational implications of person’ needs and life stages; building trust in organizations and team relationships; common mistakes missions make in not caring for members; kinds of levels of interventions for burnout or crises; pro-actively minimizing stress in various missionary stages; why missionaries experience chronic high stress but usually survive immense stress loads; and evaluating how policies inhibit or encourage growth of members. 

     Week 2 consisted of implementing missionary member care:  selection of and qualification of personnel; training and job descriptions of personnel; organizational issues such  as confidentiality, reporting, admin limits, record keeping, budgets; needs assessment tools for individuals, teams, groups, entities; changing organizational values and ethos to favor member care; cultural sensitivity – caring for members from diverse cultures; care of care givers in field settings; needs of children, families, and single persons; and introduction to concepts and resources for contingency and crisis planning.

     If you got as excited as me about these list of things to learn, then maybe you are called to give care to missionaries (as a missions director/pastor at your church, at a center in the States, or on the mission field).  When God gave me the vision for Answer the Call Training and Care Center (ATC TCC), I knew I needed to get equipped.  And although, I could have spent hours creating my own training and job descriptions, this course gave me resources to speed that up and I had the time to sort and work the plans out. 

     While there, we did a lot of resource sharing between attendees.  I was able to do 2 vision mapping consultations:  one with a lady from Brazil who would like to open her own Member Care for Brazilian misisonaries and the other with a young adult (missionary gal) who was weighing a decision about what job move to make next. Since I offered my materials to the other member care workers and Heartstreams, I was asked to share for 15 minutes on what it is and how to use it.  I'm currently working on a version with more explanation in a facilitator and candidate form.  Member care workers can then use as a tool to help missionaries and ministries know who they are and what they do.  It also can be used to see if one’s personal vision lines up with the vision of the ministry or organizational they are going to work with. 

Semana Santa

Semana Santa is Holy Week.  For most of Hondurans this means drive to wherever there is water (rivers, streams, the ocean, etc.) and for most North Americans it means – don’t go anywhere!  We were invited to a graduation party for the son of our friends in Zambrano.  So, towards the end of the week (once people had arrived at their travel destinations), we ventured out on the deserted roads.  We did not end up going to Humuya or Comayagua for the carpets (designs made of colored sawdust) because our friends were back in the States, but we spent Good Friday celebrating Jeremiah’s birthday.  He’s 9!  

    Resurrection Sunday began with a 7am church service followed by a breakfast buffet at the Marriot hotel.  A missionary family that had never been to Santa Lucia followed us out and we spent the afternoon walking downtown and watching the boys skateboard.     

Back to Work

Since I’ve been back, I have been sharing a personality test, motivational gifts test, as well as the love language tests available online.  I have conducted 2 vision consultations.  I had a meeting with the Honduran Fellowship staff to share what I learned at the member care training and share how I can provide some ministry coaching as well as shared the vision for the Answer the Call Training and Care Center.  I can develop a Member Care program for the Fellowship as well as prepare for the Training and Care Center since they will overlap and we have been working on job descriptions as as team.  I have had two missionaries approach me about assessments for determining if they are experiencing burn-out consultations and I have recommended two to the Intensive Care in PA. 


Member Care Training  

Heartstream Resources is a group of homes on a cul-de-sac

The main home has the office and living room we met in

Best staff ever:  Peggy, Lois, Laura (Larry), Marion

Worship and devotions every morning

Great teaching (Lois Dodds)

Great teaching (Laura (Larry) Gardner)

Meal times

Our culinary therapists (Stan and Jacob)

I was asked to share the vision mapping materials

The gang:  Mark, Thais, Jan, Veronica, Gary, Jacob, Mark
                               Marcy, Doreen, Debbie
                           Marion, Lois, Peggy, Laura

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