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Missionary Care

Run the Race Seminar World Race

Another Team Member



Missionary Care          

A family took 2 weeks away from their ministry to receive care.  I set up a schedule between a counselor, Michelle (who does missionary care with me), and I as well as some scheduled sessions from Heartstream Intensive Care DVDs (with handouts, questions, and homework). 


Run the Race Seminar World Race (pictures)

Some World Racers, serving with missionary friends of ours, visited Body of Christ Fellowship for the month of April.  Since they were in their 10th month, I suggested the Run the Race Vision Mapping Seminar to help them with direction for when they return to the States after their 11 month journey to 11 different countries.   

Another Team Member

So, there is a counselor from Canada in country serving as a missionary.  He has been asked to go and counsel with missionaries 1-2 times per month at the Spanish Language Institute.  He also was part of our ‘care’ schedule when the family of 7 came to meet with us.  So, I asked if he was interested in joining the member care team more formally.  I created a Member Care Counselor job description and invited him to our weekly video trainings as well as classes we give.  We’re looking forward to implementing a team approach to care.  I’m excited because it was overwhelming when it was just me and now there are 4 of us!   

Volleyball (pictures)

Rebekah’s school volleyball team won first place in the semi-finals and then in the finals of the ABSH tournament.  Since it was held in Tegucigalpa this year, Kjell and I were able to attend different games.  The parents all had shirts made as well, to cheer on the team.  


Run the Race Seminar World Race  

Set up and ready to go


There is a race


Looking up verses


Bekah is number 12

Giving God the glory

School/Parent team spirit

Still more games to go

1st place for IST Jouvenille Team

1st place ABSH Tournament 2016

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