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Missionary Care in La Moskitia

Adoption Complete

Volleyball Champions



Missionary Care in La Moskitia (pictures)
We conducted another survey to see which missionaries in La Mostkita would be interested in a one day missionary retreat and set out for a long weekend of ministry.  This time, Gordon and Anna MacKenzie came with me.  It’s always great to see the response of someone who has never been… from the small plane, landing on the dirt runway, and whole experience of way of life in this different part of Honduras. 

     When we arrived, the missionaries where we stayed (Lauren and Steven) showed us around House of Hope and shared a little bit about their journey and ministry.  Day 2, we had an all day mini retreat at Vida Abundante.  I taught two workshops:  Resolving Conflict and Stress Management & Self Care.  I also did a brief overview of the Honduran Fellowship General Assembly meeting we had at the February retreat.  Gordon taught on Loss and Grief and led us in a time of prayer.  Day 3, we conducted a church service.  I led worship and Gordon taught.  In the afternoon we visited different missionaries at their ministries:  Linda at Mama Tara’s Orphanage, Kayla at her home (ministry Project 541), and Marianne who volunteers at House of Hope as well as leads a feeding and tutoring program near her home. 

Adoption Complete (pictures)

Our friend’s adoption journey has been quite a process, but after 51 days, it is done and they have returned to the States and been reunited with their other two children.  They are now a family of 6.  We did enjoy our time together while they were here.  We even all went to see the carpets (saw dust designs) in Tegucigalpa this year during Semana Santa. See their blog.


Volleyball Champions (pictures)

We took a trip to San Pedro Sula for the weekend to watch Rebekah play in the ABSH National Volleyball tournament.  We were able to stay with missionaries in the area who lived close by the school hosting the event and who also have a son, Jeremy, who Jeremiah got to play and hang out with.   Rebekah’s team came in 1st place and she received the All Star Team award.  At the Athletic Banquet, Rebekah received another award, Best Defense. 


Missionary Care in La Moskitia For complete air trip photo album, click here.

The team:  Gordon, Anna, and I

Yes, the little plane.

Almost there...

Dirt runway

Resolving Conflict and Stress Management & Self Care


Visiting missionaries and ministries

Adoption Complete  

Seeing the carpets in Tegucigalpa

All the Crossgrove kids together

Volleyball Champions  

Ready to watch some volleyball




First Place , All Star, & Best Defense


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