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Missionary Care


     I met with a missionary who needed someone to listen, bounce ideas off of, and get some direction about working with a local pastor.  Having done the vision mapping, she was able to say ‘yes’ and ‘no’ to different ministry opportunities and was able to keep reminding herself of what God has called her to do.  Need can get overwhelming and safety is also a concern in the areas she goes into.  She said it has been really freeing as well as revealing of how God is leading and directing her in all her decisions.

     I met with a missionary to discuss pros and cons for her upcoming opportunities in ministry or job, in Honduras or in the States.  Pray for wisdom and clarity as she hears where God wants her next. 

Loss and Grief

     I met with a missionary to process loss and grief of a deaf Honduran teacher who died of cancer suddenly.  This is a loss for Mikayla and I as well as she taught us sign language for many months and was an amazing teacher.  This is the mom of the little girl that died last fall due to dengue and is another loss for the teachers, staff, and students at the deaf school.  She was also 4 months pregnant.  Pray that the Holy Spirit will comfort the husband, family, and friends left behind. 

Receiving Help

     Right now, I know of missionaries going through hard things and a handful even returning to the States.  Please pray that these missionaries will know that there is help available and then ask for that help.  Pray that they will make time to take care of themselves.  I know it can be hard to sit down, take a deep breath, and process what is going on, but if they don’t, they may not be ready to handle what they face next. 

Run the Race Seminar (pictures)

I drove out to Comayagua to conduct a vision mapping seminar for missionaries.  I was also able to spend time getting to know missionaries before and after the seminar.  What people found most beneficial from the seminar was:

  • Knowing that my identity is who I am and not what I do
  • Dream chart to see the common thread and the driving force behind all the things I’ve ever wanted to do.
  • How to speak truth to cast out doubts.
  • Reaffirming WHO I am in Christ.
  • Who you are in Christ is more important than what you do.
  • Having a process described, receiving encouragement.
  • Hearing that God is “well-pleased” with me, regardless of my thoughts or feelings about myself. 
  • Reminder that it’s about being, not doing.  Tools for figuring out call/gifting.  Reminder that it’s a process (becoming) and we wait upon God to provide vision – not our own.

From a one week follow up:

  • I just wanted to touch base with you and thank you for your ministry and for the Run the Race seminar. I have to be honest, hearing your statement that "the only way to fail is to quit" really hit home for me, I really needed to hear that. 

Missionary Training (pictures)

The Honduran Fellowship hosted a workshop on Honduran Law taught by a Honduran.  The first hour addressed law that affects the individual (missionary/foreigner) and the second half addressed the law as it relates to ministry and businesses.  Francisco had a great presentation that started with, “Some laws don't make sense - but don't worry, it will change soon.” 

Vision Consultations

I met with a Honduran business woman to discuss her dreams, God given vision, and upcoming steps.  It was awesome to see her passion for Businesses with Purpose.  She has big plans to employ Hondurans as well as fund the gospel using kingdom economics (KingdomNomics). 

    I met with a friend of a missionary for a vision consultation.  She was just finishing up 5 years serving in Costa Rica and was on her way back to the States.  I was able to share debriefing questions that they discussed during her stay.  During the consultation, I learned a lot about non-profit organizations and it will be interesting to see where God takes her next. 

Run the Race Seminar  


There is a race set before you - so run!

Individual or Corporate (Collective) call/race?

Looking up verses

Share two characteristics about yourself

Missionary Training  

Honduran Law

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