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Lots of Changes

Training in Country

Helping Missionaries

New MK Blog


Lots of Changes (pictures)

The month of August has brought many changes.  Kjell started his new job in administration, Curriculum Coordinator, at International School of Honduras (IST). He literally said ‘yes’ to the new job and resigned from his old job the day before we left for the States on home assignment.  So, when we came back, it was like a whirlwind of making sure he had a job and what the new schedule would be and transferring paperwork as well as other items such as health insurance, phones, etc.  He is learning how different administration is from teaching as well as loving the reception to professional development, ideas, and suggestions. 

     Katarina had a rough start to the year due to changes happening at the same location (she is staying at Discovery for her senior year).  After a couple days she began settling into her schedule and senior year. 

     Mikayla, Rebekah, and Jeremiah had a great start in their new school, but are now experiencing some of the normal ups and downs of transition.

     I am driving Katarina to and from school and staying in the Honduran Fellowship office in the city most days.  I have been able to make sure some policies are being worked on before annual membership renewal, be asked and ask questions as they come up, and make suggestions.

    And in the middle of all that, Kjell and I were able to attend a marriage retreat.  It was a great time to get away as a couple, have fun with friends, and make new ones.   

Training in Country (pictures)

Janice, a Christian Counselor working with TEAM, came to Honduras to help with member care for a ministry near Tegucigalpa.  She and her husband Tom have been on about 25 short-term missions trips in Honduras.  I was able to sit in on classes for missionaries called, “Resilience, Boundaries, & Self Care” and “Transitions.”  My church’s weekly women’s bible study invited her to speak at a combined women’s bible study on “Managing Stress – Easy as Pie.”  And I was able to sit in on the member care training for the ministy's member care team. 

Helping Missionaries (pictures)

Change/Transition and Cultural Adjustment Talk

I drove out to Zambrano (where we lived for 3 years) and conducted the Change/Transition and Cultural Adjustment Talks both in one day for the staff at Jimmy Hughes Ministries.  It was very well received and I tried to include application to each area of the ministry, from the school to the rehabilitation center to the children to the office. 

Crisis Debriefing

A missionary’s home was robbed while she was away in the city.  I was able to walk her through a crisis debriefing which in turn she can use to help the others who live in the house. 

Growing pains  

I met with a couple to talk about the growing pains in ministry.  After a little presentation I put together, I just listened to their hearts and we created an action plan together. 


I have been able to offer suggestions to a couple of missionaries about how to process grief and loss and others about processing their transitions from furlough as well as the transitions children in their homes face. 

New MK Blog

When Katarina started reading the courses for Communications major from the college catalogues, I decided to issue her the challenge of starting a blog and YouTube Channel to see if she really had an interest and talent.  She started a blog - MK Journey Honduras.  An MK is a Missionary Kid.  Her topics so far include:  The Art of Saying Goodbye, The Importance of Family, The Crazy Adventure in Palenque, The AWOL Tire, and You Are Loved. 


Lots of Changes  

Introductions at IST New Family Orientation

First Day of School

Training in Country  

Managing Stress - Easy as Pie

Managing Stress - Easy as Pie

Helping Missionaries  

Change/Transition and Cultural Adjustment

Change/Transition and Cultural Adjustment

Causing stress to fill out the form on stress!

Presentation on Growing Pains in Ministry

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