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MK Camp

Care Center Guests

School Started

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Events (pictures)

August 4th

A member care worker, Janice, who comes in to serve missionaries at a ministry in Tegucigalpa, conducted a women’s meeting for all missionary women.  She taught on ‘Dealing with Disappointment.’ It was a great time of discussion from reading both quotes and bible verses.

August 7-8 

Networking Honduras held a conference in Tegucigalpa for all non-profits in Honduras to learn how to collaborate with government, NGO, and the community.  There was so much information:  from starting an NGO to getting containers in the country to getting medicines to the right clinics and making sure kids get an education.  The Vice President, the governor of Francisco Morazán (our department), and some mayors of Honduras spoke.     

MK Camp (pictures)

Lots of missionary kids traveled to Pena Blanca for the annual missionary kid camp (August 3-8).  Rebekah had all of her verses memorized long before the trip.  Competition by groups is not only the ropes course, but memorizing verses.  There are skits and crafts, worship and lessons.  Mikayla and Rebekah really had fun with the other missionary kids.  If you want to ‘follow’, like the page:  MK Ministries Honduras or watch the video they put together of camp, you can spot Mikayla and Rebekah a few times:   MK Camp Honduras 2015

If you would like to support (financial donations and/or prayer) and/or come and serve (be a speaker, cook meals, help with activities, etc.), feel free to contact me or Rachel Sowers

Care Center Guests

A missionary family stayed at the Care Center for a week.  They had to renew passports for the 4 kids.  One day, the family came over for dinner.  The kids enjoyed playing with their kids so much that Jeremiah just asked if they could live here (in the basement). 

     I met with a missionary to process loss and grief. 

School Started (pictures)

August 19 

Kjell and the kids started the school year without me.  Rebekah went a day early to navigate high school (she’s a 9th grader!).  Mikayla is in 11th and Jeremiah is in 5th grade.  All is going well so far.  Jeremiah is excited to have a male teacher this year. 

Stateside Road Trip (pictures)

I flew into New Hampshire to pick up Katarina and drive out to Michigan.  Thursday night, I went to Roca Kidz Club (a community outreach to children in Manchester) that Katarina has been involved in over the summer.  They start with food for the inner city kids and then break out into stations (games, face painting, nail painting, crafts), and end with some group games and bible lesson.  We had a graduation/send off party for Katarina in both NH and CT.  In NH, I was able to meet Katarina’s boss, co-workers, and friends from Roca. 

     In CT at the graduation/send off we got caught up with friends and family and saw people we haven’t seen in years.  Sunday, we attended Grace Life where I shared briefly an update of the Answer the Call Training and Care Center and Katarina shared about what she has learned as a missionary and in her relationship with God. 

     Then, we began the drive to Michigan stopping at a friend’s house in Pennsylvania, a hotel in Ohio, a friend’s house in Indiana, and ending at a friend’s house in Michigan.  Katarina stayed in temporary housing for International Passport program and then moved to her permanent room for Passport III and Quest (freshman orientation).  We met her roommate from California and they got settled into their room.

     At International Passport, I met and spoke Spanish at many meals with the parents and siblings from Honduras and a mom from Costa Rica.  I also met many missionaries (3 of which are moving back to the area for a year or permanently and want to reach out to the missionary kids), others who are returning to the mission field, and international parents.  There were many TCK (third culture kids – kids that grow up in a culture that is not that of their parents’) that were not missionaries.  Combine the missionary kids with the TCKs and then the international students and I think there were 150!  The students had a different schedule than the parents, but some parts overlapped.  They created and performed a skit to ‘Romeo and Juliet’ by culture.  Many, especially Latin America cracked me up, while there were a couple of things I did not know about the culture in China, Korea, and Africa that intrigued me. 

     We had outings and informational meetings.  After 3 days, I was pretty much ‘orientationed’ out.  But then came classes and financial aid meetings and monologues and break-out sessions.  Some days went so long I didn’t even see the family I was staying with.  Overall, it was a good experience and although it was a sad departure, I feel confident Katarina is in the right place at the right time.      



Dealing with Disappointment

Discussions on quotes and bible verses

Networking Honduras Registration

Networking Honduras

MK Camp  

That's a lot of missionary kids

Fun with the leaders

Meal times

Group games

Blind walk

Group games

School Started  

Mik (11th), Bek (9th), Jer (5th)


International School of Teguc (IST)

Stateside Road Trip  

Roca Kidz Club, Manchester, NH

Painting fingernails

Painting fingernails

Praying over Katarina

Congrats and Good-bye NH

Road Trip: NH-CT-PA-OH-IN-MI

International Passport Program at Calvin College

Moving into the dorm

Benninck Dorm

With roommate

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