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Marcy's Journal

Team Part 2

MK Camp

Cultural Adjustment

Teacher Training

Run the Race for a School

Silence with Worship

School Starts



Team Part 2 (pictures)

Guest speaker, Dr. James Miklos also presented a Marriage Seminar (How to Have the Dream Marriage You Always Wanted) and Missionary Care Day (Balanced Living on the Mission Field) in both Tegucigalpa and San Pedro Sula.  It was great to connect with missionaries and hear the information twice.  We had some team van problems on the way home, but made it back ok.  At the same time we hosted missionary events, a team was experiencing a ‘Day in the Life’ of a Missionary.  They learned about the ministry, spent a half or whole day serving with the ministry, and then prayed over the missionaries.   I wanted to be at the events and out at the missionary’s ministries with them, but I can be in two places at once!  I did get the opportunity to pray over a couple of missionaries though. 

     The missionary/member care team has been asked to visit missionaries even when there is not a ‘Day in the Life of a Missionary’ team here.  We may start this in 2017. 

MK Camp (pictures)

I was able to take the trip to San Pedro Sula because the three kids were at Missionary Kid (MK) Camp for the week.  Both Mikayla and Rebekah were counselors for the week and led their teams in the group activities.  Mikayla even shared a devotional each day with her group.    

Cultural Adjustment (pictures)

Tuesday, Michelle, Rachel, and I headed to Siguatepeque.  We stayed at the Language Institute that night and then taught two classes on Cultural Adjustment.  We not only had Spanish Institute students, but also North American teachers that are teaching at two different bilingual schools in the area.  Since the Honduran men’s soccer team made it to the semifinals in the Olympics, we had very few people in the morning class and had a large afternoon class.  I was glad to hear that many went to see the game.  That is all part of getting involved in the culture. 


Teacher Training (pictures)

Kjell’s friend, Dr. Ash came and stayed with us for four days while he offered professional development to the staff, teachers, and board of International School.  The first day of orientation was a rough start, but everything went smoothly the rest of the week.  Please continue to pray for the staff, teachers, and students.

Run the Race for a School (pictures)

I was invited to teach the vision mapping seminar at a school for a group of coaches and some teachers.  However, the week I was revising my material, which included a new activity, God gave me something else to do instead of the dream organizational chart.  First were some questions for the upcoming school year:  What do you envision (picture) for yourself this year (areas of growth)?  What do you envision (picture) for your students/players/staff this year (be specific)?  Second, I added a school organizational chart which included how to have a vision and missions for your class/team/staff that lines up with the school vision and missions.  I was bouncing ideas off of Kjell, changing my handouts, adding video clips from Facing the Giants, and changing my slides on the PowerPoint, but it all came together the day before. 

     “If you think you are just coaching a team to win games, that’s too small a thing to be living for” (Facing the Giants).   

      We search for the purpose or the ‘why’ behind what they do.  It has to be greater than just learning English or winning a game.  The survey responses from the retreat were positive and I look forward to seeing what God showed these teachers/coaches/staff for this year. 

Silence with Worship (pictures)

A couple of missionaries were very heavy laden at Body of Christ Fellowship.  When we prayed over them, it was obvious that from the moment they purchased property in front of their house and ministry, with the purpose of starting a church that they were under attack.  So, we moved the next week’s service to their home to worship, warfare, pray, and anoint the property.  We learned a little bit about a spirit of death over the area that covered a triangle between three cities.  We took authority over the area and released the truth.  Through our worship the enemy was silenced.  “From the lips of children and infants you have ordained praise because of your enemies, to silence the foe and the avenger” (Psalm 8:2). Pray over Villa San Francisco and Tree of Life Ministries. 


School Starts (pictures)

Another year begins.  Jeremiah went in first, for his first day of 6th grade.  Mikayla and Rebekah started the next day.  Mikayla had her last first day of school.  The seniors had a grand senior entrance starting with a caravan of four wheelers and military trucks, to shouting and cheering, to running out onto the field.  I thought it was a Honduran school tradition, but apparently senior entrance (as well as other senior activities) is only done at some of the bilingual schools. 

Team Part 2  

Marriage Seminar Tegucigulpa

Marriage Seminar Lunch

Missionary Couples

Sometimes missionary care involves a tire change

Marriage Seminar San Pedro Sula

Missionary Day San Pedro Sula

Missionary Day Tegucigalpa

Missionary Day Tegucigalpa

MK Camp  




Cultural Adjustment  

Off to Siguatepeque

North and Latin American values

Top 3 skills to adjusting to a new culture

Missionary Care Team

Teacher Training  

Dr. Ash during IST Orientation Week #

Watching the Honduras Olympic game

The ideal student is...

No homework... SMART work

Run the Race for a School  

Pinares School - Write the vision

A vision for the classroom or team or staff

What is your center?  Nesting doll activity

Share what you envision for your classroom or team or staff

Silence With Worship  


Taking ground through worship


Praying for the land

Property where the Denton's church will be

Body of Christ Fellowship visiting Valle San Francisco

School Starts  

Mik (12th G), Bek (10th G), Jer (6th G)

Senior entrance started with military trucks and the highway

Senior entrance

Pretty big deal!

Class of 2017


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