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Marcy's Journal

MK Camp

Member Care Sabbatical

New(er) Car

School Year Begins

USA Visits and College



MK Camp (pictures)

The most wonderful time of the year for Rebekah is any time she can get together with other missionary kids.  She had the youth camp in June and MK camp in August.  She was able to be a team leader and enjoyed getting her group excited about activities.      

     If you have anyone in your church who would like to lead worship and services during a youth or MK camp, please contact me and I will put you in touch with Rachel (MK Honduras). 

Member Care Sabbatical

Some missionaries take a sabbatical (inside or outside of the country, 3 months – 1 year) when they have hit burn out or experience a shift and transition in ministry.   I have sent a few packets out to missionaries and I am Skyping with two missionaries at each end and beginning of a phase. 

New(er) Car (pictures)

After lots of waiting, we finally have a new(er) vehicle (a 2004 Hyundai Santa Fe).  It’s taken a little bit to get used to driving (since the Nissan XTerra was so large).  Also, Kjell was able to get a car as part of his contract at the school this year.  So, we sold both the Nissan Xterra and Nissan Sentra.  Actually we are really grateful that a person at the school sold them and took care of the paperwork for us. 

School Year Begins (pictures)
Katarina began her junior year of college, Mikayla began her freshman year of college, Rebekah entered 11th grade and Jeremiah 7th.  Kjell is in his second year as Superintendent.  The IST theme this year is 222 (2 Tim. 2:2) - teach others also.  Kjell and his team are working on accreditation with ACSI and AdvancED.  They have hired all the necessary people for the school year, so praise God.  They have implemented a new professional development model and program where teachers choose what courses, from a catalog we created, they want to study.  Each course is for one quarter.    

USA Visits and College (pictures)

It was that year again… time to drop off another child at college.  Leaving Kjell and the last two kids at home, I flew in to New Hampshire first.  It was a quick 1 ½ day visit:  taking my parents out for their 70th birthdays (one late and one early), shopping, repacking suitcases adding items ordered, and picking up a rental car.  Stop two was in Connecticut where I was reunited with Mikayla, enjoyed an open house with friends, celebrated her graduation, and she said good-byes.  I ministered at Grace Life on Sunday and caught up with friends and then it seems we were packing up the car and hitting the road again. 

     With warning signs on the highways, to ‘not watch for the solar eclipse while driving,’ we made it to Messiah College by late afternoon.  For a week, at International Orientation, we had some activities together and separate.  I went on a trip with the parents to Gettysburg and Amish country.  After an amazing last night candlelight service, Mikayla and I cried and said good-bye three times.  


MK Camp  

Team leader

Memorizing Bible verses

Team building

Happy missionary kids

New(er) Car  

2004 Hyundai Santa Fe

2011 Ford Edge

School Year Begins  

First day

Junior year of college

USA Visits and College  


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