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The Fenn’s Visit





Quinceañera (see pictures)

We were invited to another quinceñera (15th b-day party).  The two other parties were only in the home.  Once had a little service and the other did not.  This quinceñera began with a service at the Catholic Church.  It reminded me of a wedding.  There were ribbons down the aisle.  There were girls dressed up and boys dressed up.  They led a procession down the isle.  The birthday girl sat in a chair up front (there were actually two birthday girls).  There was music.  There was a message about growing up and putting God first.  After, we went to the house (this is all the family of my friend Maribel) and had a wonderful meal. 

The Fenn’s Visit (see pictures)

On December 15th the Fenn’s (Kjell’s parents, Anne and Fred) flew down to Honduras for the week.  We were so excited.  We wanted them to experience all we could pack in, in the time we had.  Thursday began with a trip to Tegucigalpa – seeing how it is to try to buy items and drive around the city.  That afternoon we went to Discovery School to see Kjell and the kids.  That evening was the Discovery Songfest Concert.  On Friday we spent the morning at Jimmy Hughes Ministries (JHM).  We had a service at the Rehabilitation Center.  Anne shared her testimony, four ladies on a missions trip from Chicago (working with Luis Sorto) shared testimonies and a message, and Kjell shared a message.  It was amazing to see the Holy Spirit string them all together.  After, the staff and residents wanted to show us a couple of skits/dramas they have worked on and we enjoyed JHM coffee.  In the afternoon we went to Casa de Luz, Zambrano.  This is a ministry our missionary friend, Val, has to the children in the community.  She teaches them English, but it is so much more (Spanish, classroom rules, organization, behavior, other educational things we take for granted – like learning to be creative through playing with play dough).  The kids kept talking to Anne and Fred in Spanish, so wanting them to understand.   That night there was an Art Expo in town (first ever that we knew of).  What a way to end the day!

     Saturday morning we had the girls take Anne and Fred to JHM Baby’s Home.  That afternoon, we all went to CNG (New Generation Coliseum) where we have bible classes.  People piled in the back of our truck.  I think the Fenns were overwhelmed by all the adults and kids that come and how far they walk!  We had a huge turn out and Christmas gifts were given to each child and food was handed out (one bag per family).  Fred closed the service with prayer and both Anne and Fred helped hand out food. 

     Sunday morning we did some shopping at little shops around town.  In the afternoon we held a special Conversational English class for Kjell’s students and students Val has that have completed at least a level 2 class.  One on one (American to Honduran) the students were able to practice listening to and speaking English.  Some of the students expressed their gratitude for the team, to Kjell’s parents, and to Kjell for holding this special class.  We even got an invite to someone’s house for the future.  Late Sunday night (8/8:30pm), Kjell had a soccer game at Conchita Jonathan (enclosed soccer field in town).  We cheered as they played (marrieds verses singles) with Kjell as goalie claro que si (of course).  If they would have stopped the game 15 minutes earlier, marrieds would have won, but we lost by 2 or 3 in the end. 

     Monday was an adventure to Las Botijas.  It was about showing the in-laws the mountain side.  And, while we were there, we stopped at a friend’s house (Aaron and Jennifer) to have a picnic lunch.  The truck started making noises half way there, so we turned around to get the Montero (a car that fits all 8 of us we were borrowing from friends).  Tuesday we contrasted the mountain trip with a trip to the ‘city’ of Comayagua to shop.   We had a picnic lunch in front of the oldest church building in Honduras (the Cathedral in Comayagua center). 

     Wednesday, we went to our friend Maribel’s house.  We watched and learned as she cooked Empenadas (flour tortilla, cheese in middle, sealed and fried).  This was a typical ‘Honduran life’ day as laundry was hanging to dry, lunch was being made over a fire, kids (her children, nieces, nephews, and my kids) ran in and out of the house, chickens cackling, Roger and his partner working on cars out front, and all the homes built close together (we met all the family!).  Later that afternoon we took a walk down to the waterfall. 

     A week in Honduras!



Church Service and procession

Friend's niece in blue, Pamela

The Fenn’s Visit  

Songfest:  Mikayla's class

Songfest: Jeremiah's class

Songfest:  Katarina's class

Songfest:  Discovery Choir

Rehabilitation Center  

Anne sharing her testimony

Kjell sharing

Kjell and Anne pray for residents with the four ladies from the Chicago team

Kjell closes in a prayer

Casa de Luz Zambrano  

Anne and Fred reading to the children

Kjell reading to a child

Mikayla reads too

Rebekah reading

Fred helping with a craft

Anne and girls communicating 'sticky fingers'

Saturday afternoon bible class at New Generation Coliseum  

Fred closing out in prayer

Handing out food
Kjell's Englsih Class  

Lorenzo and Fred chat in English

Tony and Elvis chat in English

Anne and Joanna chat in English

Katarina, Mikayla, Rebekah help the Chicago team (Shemeka, Avis, and Roxanne) learn Spanish.

The Conversational English class ended with some English idioms and thank you's from students.




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