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Marcy's Journal


Christmas Blessings


Guayabal (La Paz)

Youth at Casa de Luz (Tegucigalpa)

Visit from the Fenns


Christmas Blessings (pictures)

Before school ended, I started baking some cookies for the kids' teachers and some of the staff (office, maintenance, cleaning ladies, security guards, etc.) as well as for our neighbors.  The dining room table was covered with gift bags and the kids were bummed not to get any cookies. 

     On one of the half days (oldest two kids' exam days), we went to a ministry to help with food prep for a Christmas dinner.  Between Kat, Mik, and I, we cut cabbage, cheese, potatoes, and washed dishes.  There were a couple of ladies helping us (a former gang member that makes jewelry and parent of gang member).  Both were won to Christ through the consistent outreach of Teresa’s ministry and now are helping serve.  We weren’t available to go with Teresa to serve the food, but she said that another gang member, on the day of dinner, is ready to turn his life around in March when he gets out. 

Songfest (pictures)

Songfest is like a holiday concert before the school break.  Katarina sang a solo, ‘Mary Did You Know’, Mikayla choreographed and performed a dance to ‘Jingle Bell Rock’ with her 9th grade class, Rebekah played ‘Jingle Bells’ on guitar, and Jeremiah sang and played recorder to a Spanish song. 

Guayabal (La Paz) (pictures)

Starting off the Christmas break, Katarina went with a friend from school and others from USAID to Guayabal (a school in La Paz). They helped with games (sack race, egg on a spoon race) and food.  The children sang and performed a traditional Honduran dance and also received gifts from Santa.

Youth at Casa de Luz (Tegucigalpa) (pictures)

The youth group at CCI was challenged to take a gift bag and fill it (with items on a list) using their own money (asking parents for chores to earn the money if necessary).  Then, a couple weeks later the youth group (including Kat, Mik, and Bek) went to Casa de Luz (inner city daycare) to play, sing, and give snacks and gifts to the children.  Many parents were also there, since we gave rides, and after we were able to see the new building which will increase the capacity of kids who can be ministered to in that area. 

Visit From the Fenns (pictures)

Kjell’s parents visited the day after Christmas for 6 days.  We had a great family time in Santa Lucia (feeding the ducks, having a picnic, visiting the coffee and ice cream shops), Tegucigalpa (to our church and the school), as well as Valley of Angels (to a museum, eating typical Honduran foods, and shopping)

Make sure to check out the fundraisers (coffee and flooring!). 


Christmas Blessings  

Sugar, peanut butter, & oatmeal cookies

Banana bread and candy canes and bagging them up!


3rd grade sings and plays recorders

7th grade plays 'Jingle Bells' on guitar

9th grade performs a dance to 'Jingle Bell Rock


Katarina sings, 'Mary Did You Know?'  Watch here.


Guyabal (La Paz)  

Kat and her friend from school

Sack race

Performing a traditional Honduran dance

Penalty kick competition

Opening gifts

All dressed up

Time for food

Katarina's first picture ever with Santa

Youth at Casa de Luz  

Inner city daycare

Youth praying before ministry

Kids waiting patiently

Val introduces staff and founder of Casa de Luz

Kat and Jefferson

Christmas story told through one scarf.  First, Joseph.

Then the shepherds


Baby Jesus

The kids share a dance with us

Eating snacks as they wait for gifts

Kat hands out a gift

Bek hands out a gift

Mik hands out a gift too

Visit from the Fenns  

Morning, mid morning, afternoon coffee

Grandparents and grandkids

At the laguna

Feeding the ducks

Fabulous Fenns

A library in Santa Lucia

Catholic church in Santa Lucia

Driving up the mountain


Traffic jam on way home (with a moto taxi)

Museum in Valle

The sign says, 'Look and don't touch' but this was allowed for the picture

Miniature traditional clothes

Bunch o' Fenns

Typical Honduran food (papusas)

The aftermath

Entertainment in Valle

Catholic Church in Valle

Coffee shop

Elote (unsweetened corn on the cob)


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