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Marcy's Journal


Building a Team

Retreat Preparations

Roof Project

Happy New Year from the Fenns!


Building a Team

A missionary friend of mine attended the same Member Care Training at HeartStreams that I went to in 2014.  When she got back we talked about her helping at the Honduran Fellowship with Missionary Care as Assistant Director.  She has run Singles Retreats sponsored by HFMM in the past as well.  I also met with a missionary kid (raised in Honduras) who is now and adult and runs a Missionary Youth and Kid Camp each year here in country.  We are talking about her helping the Honduran Fellowship with Missionary Kid Care.  We are currently working on job descriptions and in January will work on our action plan for 2016.  This may include a partnership with an in country Language School (Sigatepeque) to provide workshops.  They are in need of an Orientation program as well as Missionary Training.

     Pray for:

  • Wisdom for our team (not just good ideas, but God ideas)
  • Unity among our team
  • Receptivity of missionaries (hearts open to learn)
  • Productivity of missionaries (ability to apply what is learned)

Retreat Preparations

It’s that time of the year where the HFMM staff is diligently working on different parts of the upcoming retreat in February.  I have put together the workshop schedule and am adding workshop descriptions and follow up emails.  I will be teaching two workshops:  Conflict Resolution and Parenting on the Mission Field. 

     Our Communication and Data Specialist will also be sending out another email survey for missionaries in La Moskitia.  If there is interest in another mini retreat, then our new team (and maybe Mikayla) will be flying out there a month or so after the first retreat. 

Roof Project

I was a little bit late with getting out the Giving Tuesday information, but the total estimate for a new roof is $15,000.  Ironically, we pay $250 less in rent per month than this house is worth.  Multiply that times the 5 years (in April 2016) we have been here and wallah – it is $15,000!

Year end or roof giving (write ‘roof’ in memo) can be mailed or given online:

By Mail

World Outreach

349 Fenn/ Honduras

PO Box B

Marietta, GA 30061 

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Happy New Year from the Fenns!

Thank you for your prayer and support.

May you answer the call of God on your life.

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