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Political Crisis in Honduras

Run the Race Discipleship


Political Crisis in Honduras

We were in Zambrano in 2009 during that political crisis.  We only knew when something was going on when we tried to head to Tegucigalpa or Comayagua and the roads were blocked off.  It feels like déjà vu except that even though we live outside Tegucigalpa, we have to go in more often.  Here is a quick recap:
Sunday, November 26
Honduras had their elections. 
Tuesday, November 28
In a close race, both main parties claimed victory (Juan Orlando for Nationalists (blue) and Salvador Nasralla for Liberal, (red).  School was off for the week not knowing what would happen.
     But then the voting system went down and Nasralla, who was ahead, was then behind.  Cries of fraud started a series of protests which got very violent.  Businesses, toll booths, roads, etc. were being destroyed.  I believe this may have included the Liberal party as well as opportunists.  I could barely watch as the TV channel showed moms and dads and kids running out with items from stores, looting. 
     Juan Orlando had the constitution changed so a president can be reelected.  Salvador Nasralla’s running mate is Mel Zelaya – the formerly ousted President from 2009!  
Friday, December 1
Military was called in.   A curfew was imposed from 6pm- 6am.  Supposedly, if you were out, you would be thrown in jail.  To protest the curfew, the Liberal party started the banging of pots and pans (called a Cacerolazo) in homes at 7pm and 10pm.  Then others were joining in and then some missionaries decided to pick a different time and blast some Spanish worship music into their neighborhoods. 
Monday, December 4
I drove to Valley and conducted the Run the Race Discipleship.  I could see debris on the sides of the road where tires had burned, but everything was ok.
Tuesday, December 5
Police go on strike.  They had not gotten a raise and they didn’t want to fight their own countrymen.  I went to the city to pay rent, go to bible study, and do shopping.  The stores had done a good job to make the shelves look filled, even if it may have been a whole row of Corn Flakes and certain items were missing from different stores.  By evening, the police had ended the strike, promised to defend, and were singing the national anthem.  Curfew was lightened to 8pm-5am. 
Wednesday, December 6
School was back in session in an effort to create some normalcy.  They had a total of 9 days off (2 were from Thanksgiving break) with two weekends.  Teachers had sent assignments to be done at home, but being confined to the house was not fun. 
Thursday, December 7
Kjell and the kids made it to school ok, but one school bus got stuck in the traffic caused by another road block on the road out from here to Tegucigalpa.  There were road blocks all over the nation. 
Friday, December 15
Road blocks start again.  We entered the city early to get in and be able to pick Mikayla up from the airport.  We returned home later in the afternoon with no problems.  The exit to the city to the north was blocked.  Roads in San Pedro were blocked and flights began to be cancelled.  Some missionaries were trying to get into San Pedro and others were trying to leave. 
Sunday, December 17
They announced Juan Orlando as President and roads started to be blocked off as protesters set up.  San Pedro has containers blocking the main highway and even emptied a bus and set it on fire.  I was able to drive from here to Valle and back with no problems.  Some missionaries in Tegucigalpa were able to get around the city today, but some roads leaving the city were blocked.  IST cancelled all exams for this week.December 23 - endThere was a break for the holidays with talk of protests starting up again in January. 

Run the Race Discipleship (pictures)

After Missionary Orientation and Cultural Adjustment, I taught the World Race (GAP) team the Run the Race 4-week (8 session) Discipleship class.  I even had Mikayla and Rebekah attend the session with the dream chart and vision map.       


Run the Race Discipleship  



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