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Me, A Translator?

Divine Connections




Last Day

San Pedro Teacher Conference

Me, A Translator?  (see pictures)

Interviews for the Leadership University ( were last Saturday.  My job on the Friday before was to meet three girls (Jesse, Alexandria, and Karen) from La Moskitia. They were getting off the bus in Zambrano and I was to help them settle in at the hotel.  Having taken a plane from La Moskitia to La Ceiba and a bus from La Ceiba to Zambrano, they were extremely tired.  They had dinner and went to bed!

     The next morning I decided to go to the restaurant part of the hotel and bring them some breakfast bread, as well as look for the girl, Joanna, from Zambrano that Kjell and I recommended for the program and get her settled.  When I walked in, the restaurant was packed.  Even though there were only slots for 6 girls to be chosen to attend the University, there were 15 who had sent in recommendations and 4 who showed up with their recommendations.  Plus, many had family with them. 

     Glen Evans (head of Art for Humanity and the Leadership University), Hija Yu (assistant and teacher in the program), and Lydia (the Honduran teacher of the school in El Socorro) were present.  Lydia began to explain the program to all the applicants.  I could tell right away this was going to be an all day process.  I helped translate a few things back and forth between the girls, the teacher, Glen and Hija. Then, I assisted Hija as she had each applicant write their name and took individual pictures.  After, the teacher explained the application questions and essay. 

     As the applicants finished answering questions and writing their essay, they were called over to be interviewed.  Little did I know I would be part of this whole process.  I was asked to translate a few recommendations that were submitted in Spanish, translated questions to the applicants in Spanish, and translated the applicants' responses into English for Hija.  Some words I did not know.  Some words I made mistakes on.  While interviews were going on, a group of girls had taken a trip to the campus to look around. 

     It was determined that the interview process and tours would take all day.  So I invited Jesse, Alexandria, and Karen to stay the night and head out in the morning.  After their interviews we went to lunch at a little restaurant in Zambrano.  Then, I helped translating for a few more interviews and the girls took a trip to see the campus, came to the house, ate pizza with us, and stayed the night. 

    The next morning they wanted to catch the bus early – at 7am, but I don’t think they woke up in enough time to be ready for that.  Since it was around 8am when they were ready to go, I asked if they wanted a ride to Comayagua to catch the bus (this saved some time and money).  I was going to Comayagua anyways to go grocery shopping.  I found the bus station in downtown Comayagua by heading in town and stopping to ask a police officer.  

     All three girls from La Moskitia were accepted into the Leadership University which will begin February 28th.  Joanna and many other applicants will be considered for a later, May or June, start date.

Divine Connections

     God is in the business of relationships and these relationships are divine connections in our lives.  I remember the day at Restoration Church in Euless, Texas when a man (Jim Faber) turned around in his seat, introduced himself, and we shook hands.  Who knew that he would become a friend, that he would travel to Honduras, and that we would not only take two missions trip to work with him, but would also end up in the country. 

     Who knew that when we lived in Texas and Kjell called a school in Torrington, Connecticut to apply for a teaching job, that the lady on the other end of the line would become our friend at church (Sheila Stoddard). 

     Who knew when Kjell and Hermes, the director at the school where Kat and Mik were going, would become friends and partners in training teachers.  Hermes got Kjell in contact with Cristiana, a teacher and curriculum coordinator at Discovery School in Tegucigalpa.  Who knew that she would be offering him a teaching job in Tegucigalpa at the school the following summer. 

     Who knew that when I went to language school in La Ceiba, I would meet Laura Waits and her family and she would let me know about a Leadership University that is 1 hour from where I live (El Socorro).  She is the reason I met Glen Evans and found out about the University and could recommend anyone.  In fact, she just told me that had she not met me, she would not have recommended or sent anyone to the interviews or Leadership University. 

     Who knew that when I met Amy Hubbard at church in Connecticut that later she would be coming to Honduras to tutor and teach (seestory below).  Divine connections.  Were we divinely connected?  Did I connect you with someone else?  Can I connect you with someone else?   

Tutor/Teacher (see pictures)

The ministry in Zambrano (where I teach at the Rehabilitation Center) also has a ministry to boys and girls (orphans).  Among all these children, though, are some children of staff.  Some of the staff began to approach me.  One, Kristi, is concerned about homeschooling her two children and maybe some others from the children’s home; the other, Sarah, is concerned about teaching her child who has special needs.  Although I did not have all the answers by far, we brainstormed about the possibility of having a teacher for the homeschooled children and a teacher for the son with special needs.  But where would we find a teacher or a special education teacher that was not currently teaching and would be willing to move to Honduras and on such short notice (the Honduran school year is February – November)?   

     I put an announcement up on facebook and everyone replied to let one person know:  Amy Hubbard.  She was who I had in mind, too.  Amy feels called to come be a teacher missionary.  I met with Kristi and Sarah and at first, we were considering for Amy to teach in the morning with 2 in Kindergarten (Krystal and Alex) and 1 in Pre-school (Luna) and then one on one with Samuel in the afternoon.  However, now the ministry is considering adding 3 more (1st graders), making a total of 7 students (Brian, Byran, and Norma).  We talked about what is needed, guidelines, funds, and I am a liaison with answering questions.  I hope to be in Zambrano (or I will take some trips back) to get Amy settled and introduce her to some other wonderful ministries and ministry opportunities in the town.

     If you know of any other elementary education teachers who would be interested in teaching (helping Kristi with her two and any others from the children’s home who join her) (now or for the next school year), then let me know.  We can start making the connection and preparations now!

Last Day

Last Wednesday (16th) was my last day teaching at the Rehabilitation Center in Zambrano on a regular basis.  I had given a four week notice knowing that the trip to San Pedro Sula and then moving was coming up.  It was both happy and sad time.  I am happy for what God has planned ahead (moving to Tegucigalpa) and sad to be done.  But I’m not really done because we will be around (hosting teams, teaching maybe full day sessions once every 4-6 months, and visiting a friend, Amy).  They surprised me with a little party after class where they spoke, prayed over me, gave me a card, and then we ate cake. 

San Pedro Teacher Conference (see pictures)

On February 22nd, we drove to San Pedro Sula and got settled into the hotel before the three day Teacher Conference (Teachers Teaching Teachers T3).  Kjell was excited for the pre-conference, keynote, and sessions.  We were excited for the pool, although the kids did have to bring some class and home work with us.   One day, a school counselor took Kjell out to lunch with her school administrator.  They are in the process of building a school in San Pedro (adding a new class each year) and wanted some advice and help with what is needed (such as curriculum).  There is definitely a great need for teacher (school wide and city wide) training in even just the basics.  Kjell is considering holding a 4-5 day Teacher Institute here in the future.  He has been working on ‘The and Science of Teaching’ manual and power points for quite some time.  Pray that doors open up (place, people, timing, funds, etc.).

    The recording of the keynote address did not come out very well, but Kjell is working on it (editing) and hopefully we will be posting the keynote address to facebook so other teachers can be encouraged as well. 

     If you ever need to stay at a hotel in San Pedro, then I have the one to recommend.  We received great service here.  In fact, they brought our family dessert by the pool and waters/juice more than once!


Leadership University Interviews  

Restaurant and Hotel in Zambrano

Lydia, Glen Evans, Hija Yu

Informational Meeting

Lydia explaining the interview questions and essay

Answering questions and writing their essay

Lydia answering any questions

Three of the chosen first year students

Jesse, Alexandria, Karen (also chosen for first year)


Missionary Family:  The Pinedas

Franklin, Samuel, Parker, and Sarah

Amy Hubbard (Special Education Teacher/Missionary) Coming soon to teach Samuel!

Luna, Byran, Krystal, Norma

San Pedro Sula Teacher Conference  

Introduction by Ron Vair (superintendent of schools)

That's a crowd!

As I was saying...

Teachers are leaders.

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