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Recycled Notebooks

Meeting at the US Embassy

Retreat Prep


Recycled Notebooks (pictures)

Last fall, Discovery School collected cereal boxes for ‘Yo Tengo Donde Escribir’ (I Now Have a Place to Write).  This month, Katarina and some other students got together to put notebooks together from recycled items.  First, old notebooks are taken apart.  Items that cannot be recycled are set aside (spirals and backings) and paper that can be reused is put in a pile.  Second, the cereal box has to be cut just right (they were already cut before Kat got there).  Third, the new notebook is assembled by taking 50 similar sheets of paper, putting them in between the cereal box sides, and stapled with an industrial stapler.  The notebook will be sent into villages where they cannot get or cannot afford notebooks. 

     To understand how important this is, you must realize that I bring notebooks for my 4 kids to Honduras from the States when possible.  That is because here, a 10 cent notebook goes for $1.  The irony is that the further away from the city you get, the prices can go up because of having to transport it.  This means that the ones who have more money pay less and the poor (living further out form the city), pay more.  This happens with lots of items, not just notebooks or school supplies.  This recycling project not only is good because it is reusing what others might throw away, but it is providing something students in poor communities would not even be able to afford to buy. 

 Meeting at the US Embassy

Heather, a friend and navy wife that attends CCI Fellowship, asked if I would be willing to share the Change/Transition Talk and Cultural Adjustment Talk for Embassy workers.  So, she set up a meeting with CLO (Community Liaison Office).  I had to get clearance, bring my passport, and leave my phone behind.  The meeting went well and we set up two dates in March. 

Retreat Prep

There was a lot of extra work this month preparing for the Honduran Fellowship Retreat.  It is so exciting to see how many missionaries are coming and so sad to have to have people on a waiting list (since it is hard to find a location that can accommodate everyone – rooms and food).  As it is, we are using a hotel in addition to the retreat center.  In addition to preparing for the talks, I was organizing rides and cutting name tags. 

Recycled Notebooks  

In country non profit that helps schools

Removing fronts, backs, and spirals from old notebooks

Paper that can not be used in the new notebooks will be recycled

Paper that will be used in new notebooks

Cereal boxes are cut for the front and back of new notebook

Finished notebook


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