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2015:  Jan

Marcy's Journal


HFMM Annual Retreat

Missionary Care

Harlem Gospel Choir


HFMM Annual Retreat (pictures)

We had an awesome turn out for the missionary retreat.  The day before the retreat, I took the guest worship ministers, Brad & Rebekah, to the Valley of Angels.  Then we all (staff) arrived at the retreat center a day early to get everything set up.  The registration went smooth with missionary name tags and membership cards to room assignments to signing up for workshops.  The workshops on Friday were a huge success:  missionaries wanted more time, the information was valuable, for some it was the most beneficial part of the retreat, and they would like to see them offered throughout the year.  My workshops were:  Reentry (Preparing for Transitions), Setting Boundaries, and Dealing with Gringos and Catrachos.  Some of the responses were:


  • Excellent!
  • Both workshops I went to were excellent (Boundaries).
  • These were awesome (Culture)!
  • Marcy’s sessions were applicable – necessary as we prepare for our first reentry.
  • Francisco, Gracie, & Marcy all very good! 
  • Marcy was awesome too and I plan to see all her videos.
  • Marcy (Gringos/Catrachos) did a great job and feel I left with more information that I could’ve asked for.
  •  Absolutely loved Marcy (Reentry, Boundaries).
  • Marcy’s Boundaries workshop was excellent and very helpful – healthy boundaries is something that needs to be presented more often, somehow.
  • Servant hearted people presented with whole heart (Boundaries, Gringos/Catrachos)
  • Learned good info on cultural differences. 
  • Great info thanks (Culture)!
  • They were all excellent (Reentry).
  • Awesome, well organized, practical (Culture).
  • I liked all the workshops I attended (Reentry, Boundaries, Culture).

Most beneficial part of retreat

  • Time away from regular routine, worship and word, Marcy’s sessions.
  • Counsel time with Marcy
  • Workshops (repeated 8X)

     I had 8 one-on-one counseling sessions which ranged from just listening, to loss and grief, to vision mapping.  Pray that missionaries follow up to receive the care that they need (some need a missionary debriefing, burn out assessment, and continued vision mapping). 

     Our family loved the time away, rest and relaxation, and kid and youth ministries throughout the weekend.  I did not get much rest or downtime, so before we drove home on Sunday, we hung out with some missionaries and had hamburgers on the grill.  For me, that was just the pause I needed at the end before returning home. 

Missionary Care

Loss & Grief

     I met a missionary who is grieving the loss of a teacher’s daughter to dengue and another teacher’s husband to a violent crime.  Another missionary was in the States when her uncle passed away.  I sent her some loss and grief worksheets to help her and her family, but have not heard how she is doing.

Care Center

     A missionary came to the care center for two days.  We were able to process the changes in her life this year, expectations, stress, self care, stages of life, identity, and anxiety. 

Harlem Gospel Choir (pictures)

Katarina had an opportunity to sing for the Harlem Gospel Choir at Discovery School and hear them sing and then attended a music workshop at a theater in the city.  In addition to being amazing singers, the group was very open about their profession of faith (seeds were planted!). 


HFMM Annual Retreat  

Getting Member Care ready for my backpack

Retreat Center


Working a day early to get registration ready (name tags, room assigments and keys, membership cards, workshop schedule and sign ups)

John and Adriana (founders of the Honduran Fellowship)

Guest Speaker:  Ken Harbaum

Worship led by Brad and Rebekah

Room full of worshippers

Reentry (Preparing for transitions)

Reentry - what is your plan?

Reentry - Physical, Emotional, Mental, & Spiritual

Reentry - writing a plan


4 Areas of Boundaries

Boundaries can be healthy, damaged, collapsed, or walled

How to set healthy boundaries

Gringos and Catrachos - cultural values

Gringos and Catrachos - cultural values

Praying for Honduras

Praying for one another (by region)

Kid's ministry - Jer makes a cardboard car

Youth gone crazy

That's a lot of missionaries!

HFMM Staff:  Melodee, Jennifer, John, Adriana, Marcy

Harlem Gospel Choir  

Singing with Discovery School

Singing with Discovery School

Workshop at Bonilla Theater


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