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Marcy's Journal


Honduran Fellowship Retreat

Trip to the Country

Hospital Visit

School Dedication


Honduran Fellowship Retreat (pictures)

The retreat team pick-ups from the airport began Tuesday.  After meeting the worship duo, Brad & Zach, at the airport and finding out their luggage did not make it, we went out for baleadas.  Wednesday morning after visiting Valle de Angeles, we met up with others in the team back at the airport.  The luggage made it on that flight.  Later that day, Mikayla, Rebekah, and I packed and loaded the car, and head out to Siguatepeque.  Wednesday after dinner was orientation for the team (to Honduras and to items for the retreat). 

     Thursday morning was set up.  The girls helped wherever they were need and then ended up with me at the workshop sign-ups during registration.  Thursday night was a night of worship.  Friday morning I taught two workshops:  Resolving Conflict and Parenting on the Mission Field.  We tried a new afternoon activities time by families, couples (with no kids at the retreat) and singles.  People really seemed to enjoy that time.  Saturday we had prayer for the nation, activities by region, and the General Assembly meeting.  In the afternoon we visited the Mennonite Shop for some homemade ice cream.    

     This year’s retreat was the best by far.  Although we had many new attendees, there was such a sweet atmosphere of unity.  290+ missionaries gathered to be REnewed, REfreshed, and REconnected. 

Trip to the Country (picture)

One of our Honduran Fellowship missionaries is battling cancer.  I asked Michelle to give her a call and from there, the missionary and her husband stayed at Michelle’s in Tegucigalpa while undergoing cancer treatment.  Michelle organized our Tuesday bible study to make meals for the family (which can be up to 14 people with the children in their orphanage).  We drove the meals out on Wednesday and encouraged and prayed with the family.   


Hospital Visit

The missionary we delivered meals to (above) was rushed to the hospital just days after the HFMM retreat.  She did not know who her husband was and appeared to be going crazy.  After a horrible night at the hospital with the worst of ‘reports’ (such as the cancer had spread or she was having a stroke), it was discovered that her sodium was low.  After restoring her sodium to its normal level, she was back to ‘normal’ (however, sore and bruised due to all her struggling the night before).  Michelle and I stopped by with some food items as they waited to be clear to leave the hospital.  I do not know if she was able to receive another chemo treatment as she was getting ready to fly to the States for her daughter’s wedding.  Pray for her strength, perseverance, and a complete healing. 

School Dedication (pictures)

At the retreat a fellow missionary invited a few of us to attend her school dedication.  The school was being dedicated in memory and honor of Robert G. Bland (the missionary’s dad) as a founding member of Heart of Christ and his service and dedication not to the ministry and all they serve, but also for his life of dedication to family and the Lord. 
Honduran Fellowship Retreat  

Worship duo (Brad and Zach)

Hypersuperturbomegagrande (baleadas)

Got enough stuff?  Nope.  Probably not.

Getting workshop sign up ready at registration

This year's selection of workshop

The girls 'man' the table so I can chat with missionaries

Worship Night

When we gather, In Your presence there is power, When we worship You together, You are here. 

Resolving Conflict

Resolving Conflict

Conflict Management Style Assessment

Using 'PAUSE' to resolve conflict

Parenting on the Mission Field

Write one characteristic about your child(ren)

Share about your child(ren)

Answering questions to 'Six Permissions Most MKs Need'

Retreat Group Photo 2016

HFMM Office Staff

Trip to the Country  

Meals and groceries


School Dedication


Gracie shares about her dad

Watching a video of her dad's life

Putting ashes in the foundation

Praying over the school

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