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Marcy's Journal


Bibles for a Crusade

Honduran Fellowship Retreat 2017

Roof in the Mountains



Bibles for a Crusade (pictures)
Miranda and her two ‘kids’ organized a 5 day crusade back in their home town.  Their story is much like that of Moses (read below) and their stories from the crusade were amazing.  Body of Christ was able to give them the money to purchase the bibles.

Yolanda and Enri grew up in an orphanage. Their mother died when they were very young and their father was not able to take care of them. After leaving the orphanage, God worked through a process of healing in both of their lives to forgive their father as well as people from their past. In the past year, He has used them to return to their original family in La Paz to evangelize and minister to the people there. They have personally led others to the Lord in salvation and reconciliation and have been able to give out many Bibles. God had to take them out of their original family at an early age to protect and prepare them to years later be able to go back and share the gospel with their family.

Honduran Fellowship Retreat 2017 (pictures)

Thank you for your prayers!  Missionaries are proclaiming, ‘Best retreat ever.’  It was amazing that registration filled up in 2 days, but sad many missionaries were not able to attend.  Our crowd was almost half new members (some new missionaries, some only new to Honduran Fellowship).  It’s hard when there is not a space big enough in country to hold the retreat and we were already using nearby hotels, ministry housing, and local missionaries were staying in their homes.  We had a debrief to talk about the future plans to make everyone who wants to attend able to attend.  Also, pray for a place to be given to the Honduran Fellowship (either with plenty of existing buildings and space or something we can quickly develop to be plenty of space). 

     Our member care team was struggling with how to present on the services that are available (without reading a huge list).  I asked Kjell, “How do we get people to request services they don’t yet know they need?”  He answered – testimonies.  So, during the member care part of the General Assembly meeting, three missionaries gave testimonies.  On some of our surveys, people noted that they really enjoyed that.  We also created a member care postcard with our pictures, names, contact info, and then a list of services on the back. 

These are the HFMM Membership totals
49 General + 37 Corporate + 151 Residential + 5 Affiliate  = 242 total memberships.  Now for the big number:  among those 242 memberships, the total number of people represented is 918! Those 918 are present in 17 out of the 18 departments (states) of Honduras.

Roof in the Mountains (pictures)

David and Scarleth have a family they help in the mountains and wanted to replace a roof.  Body of Christ was able to provide the money for the materials and labor.  However, different people from church went out and helped on different days.  To say this family’s home needed a roof was an understatement.  They really needed a whole new house and floors and…(you name it!).  In fact, some of the beams were so black because of the smoke from the fogone (wood burning oven used in the home), I could not figure out why the whole house hadn’t gone up in flames.  Being unskilled help, we sealed the wooden boards, carried old materials to junk piles, dug holes and poured cement, and cooked a lunch.  We were invited back out to the family’s house when the project is done and the house is put back to ‘normal’ so they can dedicate it to the Lord. 


Bibles for a Crusade  

Enri hands out bibles in his home town

Yolanda shares her testimony

HFMM Retreat 2017 For Facebook photo album of retreat, click here.

Somehow we made it to the retreat, even though we packed like girls!

Day 1 Retreat Sign Ups

Day 1 Welcome

Day 1 Introductions

Day 1 Worship

Day 1 Prayer

Day 2 Workshop Schedule

Day 2 BBQ - cut watermelon and served burgers.

Day 2 Carnival

Day 2 Carnival

Day 2 Carnival

Day 2 Carnival

Youth Group

Children's Church

Yeah, that's a lot of missionaries.

Day 3 General Assembly Member Care Team

Postcards with magnet we had made and handed out with our contact information and a list of member/missionary care services avaialble. 

Honduran Fellowship Office Staff

Honduran Fellowship Member Care Team

Roof in the Mountains  

Martina with her grandchildren.

Roof (and house) in need of some help!

Mountain road drive

Awesome view

Hold on - only one lane dirt road

We made it to 'town'

Moving old materials out and new materials in

Walking down the mountain to carry up wood.

Sealing the boards

Digging holes for posts

Michelle cooks up lunch (for 30 people!)




Tearing down

Rebuilding the wall

Pretty burnt.

Replacing the wood


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