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Romeo To Go



Bagging Some Beans

Phone Stolen

Romeo To Go (see pictures)

Many long weeks building a stage and rehearsal came to a culmination in January for the first ever drama performance at Discovery School, “Romeo To Go.”  Kjell did an awesome job with his patience level as well as directing – having many rehearsals when not even every cast member was present.  Katarina played three different roles:  Cecile (student), Lady Capulet, and the Apothecary.  As some students dropped out, Mikayla was even added to the cast.  She played six roles:  Shirley (student), Samson, Gregory, and Abraham (a scene all by herself where she had to switch roles), a servant, and Lord Capulet. 

     This first production was a production, but achieved a hunger and thirst for drama.  The cast was so excited they wanted to have a second performance.  I believe others watching were wishing they were part of it or want to join in next time.  Students called Kjell up and he received a standing ovation as well as roses from the cast.  All the hard work had paid off! 

     There is talk of another performance for Valentine’s Day.  Pray that they get an audience.  Many people want to see it again, some want to see it for the first time because they heard about it, but listeners need to understand English (since the play is in English). 

Bagging Some Beans (see pictures)

During the school break, we went to help Teresa and her ministry (Shechinah Ministries) bag some beans and sort some clothes.  A different day we sorted some shoes and toys.  We found a Dallas Cowboys football helmet - what are the odds of that?  We also found some other odd toys without parts that Rebekah and Jeremiah had the other parts for.  We aso found props and costumes for Kjell's play  It just shows that you get blessed when you are being a blessing.

Phone Stolen

I had a really oddly orchestrated day.  I have some rules I set for myself when I go out and I broke most of them (man-made as they were).  However, I had an odd sense that I was right where I was supposed to be when I was supposed to be there.  Regardless, as I was in the grocery store in a mall, I used my Blackberry phone to look up the name of something I wanted to buy.  I slipped my phone into the outside pocket of my pocketbook.  At that time I saw a tall man in the same isle, and actually thought it was strange that he was in the hair dye/shampoo isle.  Other people distracted me in the isle and then I began looking at shampoos.  A bump later, I left the isle.  As I did, three guys came up and told me they just saw someone steal my phone.  All I could say was, “Quien?  Who?”  After a little conversation, they realized I speak English and they tried to explain to me what happened all over again in their broken English.  Then, they came up front with me and explained to the guards as we tried to call the phone number.  The phone was already shut off and the thief was already out of the store.  We stayed up front, then searched the store, and even the bathrooms. 

     I don’t know if I was in shock, if I was upset that someone stole something from me, upset that they had all my information as well as other people’s information from the phone, or upset at the hassle it would take to get a new one and how many days I would be without.  I called Kjell from the grocery store office and he had the phone service shut off (okay, no unexpected charges).  Then, the grocery store tried to convince me that the three guys that helped me were ‘in on the deal/stealing.’  I didn’t agree to that because I would have been out of the store and in my car before I would have noticed my phone was gone if they hadn’t have told me.

     There were no video cameras in the grocery store, so I could not look or identify anyone.  However, I waited in the office until the mall security came by and we all reiterated the story.  They have cameras in the mall and maybe outside of the grocery store, but ironically they gave me a name and number to call (they had to check the video first, before I could) and I would not be able to call that number for a week!

     I found out that we have insurance on the phones, so all I had to do was go file a police report that it was stolen.  Because I was not mugged, the school thought I would have problems filing and with the phone company (Tigo).  I had to find a Honduran man who could go with me to Comayaguela (dangerous part of Tegucigalpa), not only for protection, but for language.  Friends I had just made at Christmas time had a worker they could lend me for the morning who is bilingual.  We found the police station we needed, sat waiting for our number to be called, and filed a report. 

     Once I dropped him off, I headed to Tigo to hand them the report and get a new phone.  If they had the same model phone, it would have been an even trade, however they didn’t (surprise, surprise).  Even though I had to pay the difference (for the upgrade), I was glad insurance covered the rest.  I really had hoped my other phone would have shown up, but had to believe that everything was wiped out and they would not get any information from the old phone. 

Bagging Some Beans  

Jeremiah opens the bags

Girls bag, Kjell ties


Getting comfortable

Jeremiah wants in on the bean action

Our new beaning method - cutting a hole at the bottom of the bag goes a lot faster


Also sorted some clothes, toys, and shoes

Romeo To Go  

The stage is ready

Kjell shares how the stage was created

Katarina (Cecile the student)

Mikayla (in pink, 2nd from right, Shirley the student)

In the classroom

Explaining the two feuding families

Mikayla in her 3 parts by herself

Mikayla as the servant (yes, red hair)

Katarina as Lady Capulet

Creating a balcony scene

Katarina the Apothecary

Job well done Mr. Fenn. Roses hiding under Cati's blanket (center).


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