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Seeking Him

New HFMM Office

A Ride, A Place to Stay


Seeking Him

At the beginning of the year, I like to take a week and map out the vision and mission(s) God has for me (personally and for Answer the Call Ministries).  Just because I did something last year, does not mean God has that in store for me this year.  I seem to be moving in seasons and although the vision never changes (helping others answer the call of God on their lives) and the mission(s) stay relatively the same (education, word, helping others, connecting), the how I do each mission sometimes does change.

     For example, one year I was teaching bible at a rehabilitation center, teaching ESL classes, and having prayer meetings in my home.  Another year, I was ministering to missionaries through the Run the Race (vision mapping) seminars (locally and flying to Roatan and La Moskitia) and began volunteering with the Honduran Fellowship.  Another year, I was ministering to short term missionaries through AIM (Adventures in Missions) and the Run the Race seminar and discipleship as well as teaching two ‘talks’:  Transition/Change and Cultural Adjustment.  So now…

     I just want to do be at a place where I’m saying what I hear God saying and I’m doing what God is doing.  And He is the only one who knows what season I’m going into and how to best be prepared for it.

     So far, some ‘hows’ that may be in the mix (in addition to missions that stay the same) are:  sharing the Transition/Change and Cultural Adjustment talks with employees at the US Embassy as well as at the upcoming missionary retreat; in country college courses that would provide me information to pass along to missionaries about third world society, development, and human rights; and helping begin or be part of a discipleship center.

     If we are looking for God to direct our paths, we must:  trust Him with all of our heart; not trust in our own insight, intellect, or skills; and we must acknowledge (know, perceive, show, tell, understand, consider, declare) Him (Proverbs 3:5-6). 

New HFMM Office (pictures)

The Honduran Fellowship has opened an office up in Tegucigalpa.  We had our first staff meeting January 17th.  As Director of Member Care, I am hoping and believing that this year we will get organized enough to care better for missionaries.  My duties include running the Honduran Fellowship page, Members Only group and overseeing the Singles Support and Couples Connection groups; adding new members to the group photo album; updating all albums in the group (products by missionaries or Honduras, items for sale, member discounts, etc.); conducting member surveys and calls, keeping in contact with the Regional Representatives (by department); helping with the annual retreat; sending Honduras Anniversary cards (for years of service); and creating a missionary of the month profile.

       Right now, the focus is on the preparations for the upcoming missionary retreat (March 6-9th).  We are using an e-vite program online that allows us to print reports and start connecting people for transportation, print who is attending the missionary talk sessions, etc.  After the retreat, I would like to focus on the information we collect from a survey and direct our attention on member care (addressing needs, planning other events) as well as creating a front office manual (with all of our job descriptions, how-to’s, etc.).   

A Ride, A Place to Stay

I think sometimes in the States we take rides and lodging for granted.  For the most part, people live near their family and if not, they have created a network of friends or at least co-workers who at least would give them a ride to the airport or let them spend the night.  As a missionary, this is not always the case.  For those living farther outside of the city, getting a ride to and from the airport or having somewhere to stay while they renew a residency card or running all day errands can be another one of those in country struggles. 

     This month, I drove a missionary friend and her Honduran ‘daughter’ (she raised as a teenager into early adulthood) to the airport to go to YWAM Hong Kong. It's exciting to see the fruit of her discipleship, not only in someone answering the call of God on their life, but also in going as a missionary to another country from here.

    Also, missionary friends who moved back to the States came for a visit to check on the mission in Las Botijas.  They spent the weekend with us.  Before they got to our house, they had not had water all week (no showers, no washing clothes, etc.), the truck they were using had to be repaired, they hadn’t been able to see everyone they needed to see, and the pastor who was supposed to arrive last Fall and then at beginning of January to the mission was still not there, etc.  It was great to be the place they could take a hot shower and run a load of laundry and spend the weekend.  We enjoy great fellowship. 

New HFMM Office  

In one of the big towers on Blvd. Suyapa



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