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Monday Training

More Retreat Preparations

Vision Consultations Galore

Networking Honduras San Pedro Sula

Missionary Training Dates Set

Helping in a School


Monday Training (pictures)

Michelle, Rachel, and I have begun to meet and build our member (missionary) care team.  On Mondays we watch a video from the ‘Thriving!  Not Just Surviving What’s Killing You!’ DVD set from Heartstream Ministries (Dr. Lois Dodds).  I watch the video ahead of time to create a handout and add some discussion questions which get us thinking about how the content applies to us and then how we can use it to help others.   

More Retreat Preparations (pictures)

We’ve been gathering to work on all the retreat preparations.  From confirming and preparing workshops, preparing sign ups and signs for the walls, creating and copying surveys, and organizing welcome packets, we are almost ready.   

Vision Consultations Galore  

I have been handing out and emailing lots of vision consultation packets.  I’ve been meeting with people in Honduras as well as communicating with others in the States.  God is stirring people up.  God is mixing things around.  God is getting people out of their comfort zones and leading them to those places He has destined them to be.  It’s great to hear what God wants people to be and what He wants them to do.  Please pray that they would hear God’s voice clearly, know God’s timing, and have the faith to step out.    

Networking Honduras San Pedro Sula (pictures)

Michelle and I took a road trip from Tegucigalpa to San Pedro Sula (approximately 4 hours).  Networking Honduras was holding a conference.  The Honduran Fellowship has partnered with them and membership is reciprocal.    I go to network, gather any information that will be helpful to missionaries in the fellowship, as well as reconnect with missionaries in the fellowship and invite new ones to join.  I heard some interesting information on tourism (a way people can create jobs); security (possible tourist police who can go with teams); food available for NGOs; centers and resources in communities; lessons learned in combating corruption; and so much more.    

Missionary Training Dates Set (pictures)

On our way back from San Pedro Sula, Michelle and I met up with Rachel and had a meeting with the Wolfe’s at the Spanish Institute in Siguatepeque.  After talking about the vision of the language school, victories and struggles, plans going forward, and areas they are requesting help, we came up with a schedule of training dates for 2016.  About every other month, we will drive out to Siguatepeque to give a 2-3 hour class (once in the morning and then repeat it in the afternoon) for their language students.  This will serve two purposes:  equip the missionaries (orientation, change/transition, cultural adjustment, etc.) and provide a day for the Spanish teachers to have an in service or teacher training day.  Pray that students will be excited, open, and receptive and that we will be able to help them with their adjustment and transition in Honduras.   

Helping in a School (pictures)

The ministry of education has dictated that all high school students attend a 'vocational orientation' class.  This is a class to help students figure out what to do with their lives after high school.  I had a lot of questions as to what they were covering, since I like to help others answer the call of God (and a Christian school can include God’s plan for your life).  I went to the school to help them create a scope and sequence for the classes.  Then, I was asked to teach a chapel.  I taught on ‘Knowing God’s Plan for Your Life.’  It was so much fun.  The teacher did a great job preparing the students to listen and then made my hand out ‘class-work number 5.’  The chapel was also to set up the coming materials and resources that would be presented in the vocational orientation class.

Monday Training  

Michelle, Marcy, Rachel
More Retreat Preparations  

Welcome Packets

Name tags


Getting ready!

Networking Honduras San Pedro Sula  

Opening remarks

NGOs represented from all over Honduras

Missionary Training Dates Set  

Spanish Institute Siguatepeque

The Wolfe's

Helping in a School  

Knowing God's Plan for Your Life

11th Grade Chapel

Activity on knowing God's plan

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