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Preparing for a Retreat

Loss and Grief A Decade



Ricardo and I finished a series of six consulting sessions with a missionary couple.  We worked from vision mapping to a non-profit business plan to a fundraising presentation.  It was great to see God reveal His plan of who He wants the missionaries to be and what He wants them to do and then to also equip them to make that a reality.  Through connections to other missionaries, they already experienced some answers to prayer before heading on their furlough trip.  It was very exciting to be part of this. 


Preparing for a Retreat

January was the continuation of preparing for the annual Honduran Fellowship missionary retreat.  Every fall, I look at the survey results of the year previous on what workshops missionaries are interested in and what workshops missionaries are interested in teaching.  This begins a process of contacting missionaries and creating a schedule.  There are also meetings that include brainstorming and helping with other tasks (welcome packet/folder, contacting people to pray at the Thursday night service and to conduct one on ones). 

     It seemed like a real battle this year with last minute changes and cancellations.  If you saw my Answer the Call facebook post, you read that our worship leaders could not come.  Rebekah (of brad and rebekah) ended up in the hospital and will be facing a surgery to remove cancer from various organs of her body.  Please pray for them, ‘like’ their page, and buy their CDs. 

Loss and Grief (pictures)

This month I needed to see a member care worker for my own loss and grief.  My grandmother (dad's mom) passed away in the month of what would have been her 91st birthday.  It was hard to be away as family got together.  Here is a portion of her obituary below (full here): 

...She relished gardening, the beach, rocking babies and playing cards with friends. She and her husband instilled traditions that have been passed on to future generations such as family camping weekends at Camp Fatima and their annual Cider Fest....She was very proud of the large family, which is the legacy she leaves behind. She is survived by her children, son, Donald Hebert and wife Lucille; son, Leonard Hebert and wife Karen; daughter, Jacqueline Gilbert and husband William "Cid"; son, Normand Hebert and wife Madeline; son, Andrew Hebert and wife Terri; her grandchildren, Stacy, Matthew, Kristin, Nathan, Marcy, Katherine, Aaron, Kerri, Jason, Rachel, Joey, Thomas, and Lauren; 31 great-grandchildren; several nieces and nephews; and her sister-in-law, Shirley Gowitzke. She is predeceased by her two brothers, Richard and William C. Gowitzke; son Thomas J. Hebert; daughter-in-law Ann Hebert; and grandchildren, Bridget and Andrew Hebert. She will be dearly missed by those close to her, especially friend and neighbor of over 60 years Frances Graichen...

     Two days later, our friend Geoff passed away from stage 4 pancreatic cancer. We only lived in Texas for three years, but our lives were absolutely changed (restored) through a group of friends. If there was anyone ever, on the face of the earth, that showed the love of Jesus, it was this man. We would say it 'oozed' out of him. Please pray for his wife Traci and their two girls.

A Decade (pictures)

At the end of the month, we celebrated 10 years in Honduras!  Who knew when we set out where God would take us?  He did! 


Loss and Grief  

Nana Hebert

Geoff Morris

A Decade  



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