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Marcy's Journal


Care Center Guests

Volunteer Work

Templeton Honors College

Vacation to Tela


Care Center Guests (pictures)

A missionary in La Moskitia was having medical issues, so her husband flew with her to Tegucigalpa for tests.  They stayed in the Care Center for 2 days before she was admitted to the hospital.  Then, it was just easier for her husband to be closer in the city.  Katrina was diagnosed with a brain tumor, ¼ the size of her brain.  I coordinated some visits, meals, etc. through the Honduran Fellowship and church friends that are in Tegucigalpa.  We brought a meal one Friday and took Roger and the two teens out to the movies.  Katrina’s surgery went so well.  Whenever you open the brain, many things can happen, but Katrina was fully functional and full of energy after surgery.  Katrina and Roger stayed in the Care Center to recover for 6 days.  Unfortunately, on the last day of their visit, they found out the tumor was malignant.  They flew to La Moskitia for a week and then Katrina and two of her children went to the States where Katrina will have chemo and radiation.  Read her blog here

      Here is how they described their small sliver of time in Santa Lucia, “Katrina and I are in Santa Lucia, a suburb of Tegucigalpa, enjoying the peace and quiet as well as the natural beauty of this area. There are bougainvilleas in bloom, the weather is below 70 degrees and the only traffic that can be heard is the occasional sound of a cargo truck passing on the highway. We are thankful for everyone's prayers and well-wishes.”  And then they recommended it to other missionaries in La Moskitia, “You two should seriously consider spending some time here. God bless Marcy and her husband for making this place available to us.” 

Volunteer Work (pictures)

Mikayla has been volunteering for Arca de Esperanza (where Jeremiah had neurofeedback).  She is tutoring a group of 3-4 kids for 2 hours on Thursdays in English and she is helping 5 hours a day on Tuesdays and Wednesdays at AGAFAM with hippotherapy (equestrian therapy)  Hippotherapy (a form of physical, occupational and speech therapy in which a therapist uses the characteristic movements of a horse to provide carefully graded motor and sensory input).  She gets to combine two things she loves:  kids and horses.

Templeton Honors College (pictures)

Mikayla flew to Pennsylvania and back for an 8 day college program at Eastern University.  She spent most of her time in seminars and doing homework, but the class did take a trip to Philadelphia one day, went to the Planetarium at the school, and attended a performance of ‘The Great Divorce’ by Anthony Lawton.  She earned 2 transferable college credits and made some new friends. 

Vacation to Tela (pictures)

So, with Katarina and Mikayla in the States, we decided to take a vacation to Tela with Rebekah and Jeremiah.  I’m always encouraging missionaries to get rest and take time off as a way of self care and setting healthy boundaries (1 hour/day, 1 day/week, 1 weekend/month, and 1 week/year), that I figured I should follow my own advice.  We enjoyed time at the beach, in the pool, and on a trip to Punta Sal (with a boat ride, snorkeling, and typical Garifuna lunch). 


Care Center Guests  

Roger and Katrina after the surgery

Katrina's shaved head and stitches/staples

Volunteer Work  


Meeting the kids

Tutoring in English

Templeton Honors College  

In the library

Doing school work

Some classmates

So studious

Vacation in Tela  

Jer and Bek

The beach

Pool at the hotel

Trip to Punta Sal

Punta Sal

Swimming through

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