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Marcy's Journal


Event Prep

Paint and Babies

Mikayla Translates

Team Part 1


Event Prep

As soon as I returned home assignment, it was time to focus on some upcoming events for missionary care.  There were handouts and copies to be made and attendance lists to be printed.  We had one day as a staff to sit down and map out the week of who would be where when:  a team experiencing a day in the life of a missionary, a guest speaker providing workshops, and pastors meeting individually with some missionaries.  But as Hannibal on the A-Team says, “I love it when a plan comes together.”

Paint and Babies

A missionary posted the need for some help with some projects around their ministry children’s home.  One was picking up garbage in the yard.  The other was painting the kitchen.  The girls had time to help paint with some other missionary kids as well as enjoyed playing with the children. 

Mikayla Translates (pictures)

Mikayla had the opportunity to translate for a team that came to minister with a missionary friend of ours.  One day was training in puppets and balloons and familiarizing herself with the words in the messages to translate.  They visited two schools and one ministry to share their presentation.


Team Part 1 (pictures)

The guest speaker, Dr. James Miklos, shared a Crisis and Trauma Intervention workshop at our house for HFMM staff and others that work with people in crisis and trauma.  The next day, he taught on Biblical Dream Interpretation at our house for Body of Christ Fellowship.   A missionary couple had a dream interpreted that confirmed plans for future ministry. 

Mikayla Translates  

Learning to make balloon art

Learning puppets and words to translate

The team

Armor of God

Quieting the crowd

Praying over a lame boy

Team Part 1  

Crisis and Trauma Intervention

Crisis and Trauma Intervention

Dream Interpretation at Body of Christ Fellowship

Dream Interpretation

Interpreting a dream

Dr. Rev. James Miklos, Kjell, Marcy

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