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Marcy's Journal


July 4th




Winners (pictures)

At the IST staff breakfast, each table was challenged to lip-synch to a song.  Kjell’s table won and the prize was a trip to Tela (to stay at his boss’ place near the beach).  At first it started as just staff and then turned in to an invitation to families as well.  We had to pitch in toward the ride on the school bus, but the transportation, lodging, and all meals were taken care of for the weekend.  There was a pool and the beach was a short walk down a path.  We also went exploring on some rocks on the beach. 


July 4th (pictures)

Holidays are always interesting for missionaries.  But summer is a time that lots of missionaries leave for their home assignment or are busy with back to back teams.  If you live close enough to others and there is a gathering, then you don’t feel as alone.  For July 4th this year, a couple of staff still at school had a little BBQ in the afternoon and then the ladies bible study I attend had a BBQ in the afternoon with families.  When it got dark, we had some fireworks and sparklers too.      

Vacation (pictures)
What would you call someone who works 24/7 and never takes a break?  A workaholic.  However, on the mission field, it’s not uncommon to hear of missionaries never taking a break.  This could be not going on furlough, taking a vacation, a weekend, or even one day a week off to rest (especially if a missionary has a church that meets on the weekend, runs a children’s home, or has a foster home which is pretty much 24/7).  When I have been teaching on Stress Management and Self-Care, I am basically giving permission for missionaries to take a break.  The general rule is:  1 hour a day, 1 day a week, 1 weekend a month, and 1 week a year.  I also emphasize that furlough or home assignment does not count toward that 1 week a year because the missionary is working:  event planning, reconnecting, and raising support.  It’s amazing how many missionaries struggle with this and at times I have to think of creative ways for them to snatch those breaks especially without the modern conveniences of places and things to do (game night, books on Kindle, a quiet place on the property or locking themselves in their room!). 

     I decided I should practice what I preach (especially on the year we don’t take a trip to the States as a family).  We decided to go on a vacation in country.  I was determined to go on vacation with a family of 4 for under a certain dollar amount to show that it is possible.  I was able to achieve that for less than I set out for.  I don’t want my kids to resent us, ministry, Honduras, or God.  I also want them to see and enjoy the beauty right here in Honduras.  We were able to stay 4 nights near the Lake (Lago de Yojoa) and visited 7 places:  tree fort and playground, restaurant on the lake, the zoo (also had a pool), caves, nature walk, kayaking from the river to the lake, and a waterfall (which included a trip behind the falls and canopy).   With internet only in the main area of the lodging, we also got to spend nights playing games. 


Going on an adventure

Pool time

Beach time

The gang

July 4th  


Food, fellowship, fun


Lake Yojoa

The caves

Hike and kayaking on the river and lake

The waterfall


The Zoo


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