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Hosting Future Missionaries

Change/Transition in Zamorano

How to Create a Basic Website

Stateside Schedule

ABEA Conference  

Hosting Future Missionaries (pictures)

Many missionaries have come to Honduras looking for a ministry to partner with or are in country (such as a teacher) and then find a ministry to partner with.  However, this is the first time that prospective missionaries have contacted the Honduran Fellowship to come see ministries in Tegucigalpa.  So, while I was looking for ministries in and around Teguc that they could visit, I was also creating a Missionary Scouting Booklet (So, you think you want to be a missionary in Honduras… What You Need To Know Booklet).  I included Basics, items specific to Honduras, and then resources.       

     On Sunday, I picked the couple up (Eric and Misty) at the airport and we went to Breaking Chains Ministries in Comayaguela.  It is a homeless ministry and in a part of town I don’t like to drive to, but it wasn’t bad with no traffic.  We had just missed the church service and there was a team of over 60 there, but Amber shared with us the ministry as well as some things to know for a new missionary, “Make relationships.  Make relationships with Hondurans and with North Americans.  Relationships are very important.”     

      We went straight from there to CCI (English speaking service in Teguc).  Eric and Misty were able to meet a couple of other missionaries there and went home with the pastors (and director of the Honduran Fellowship) for overnight.     

     The next morning I left early to pick Eric and Misty up and drive out to Talanga.  We saw the Aarons Mission Outreach:  a ranch, the clinic, and Eric taught a small discipleship class.  Nothing started on time, so it was already after noon by the time we started driving out.      

     From here, we ate in the food court and went to the Honduran Fellowship office.  I went over the Missionary Scouting Booklet and then it was time to drive to a discipleship class taught by Dan Ellis (XPlore Nations Institute) far on the other side of town.

Change/Transition in Zamorano (pictures)

On a Saturday, I drove out of the city to Zamorano (about 1 ½ hours).  Brooke (missionary with BMDMI, who we had met years ago in Yamaranguilla), was concerned about her North American teachers, not only with their change and transition from the States to working at the orphanage elementary school, but also culture shock.  Based on her description of teachers being home sick and having relationship issues, we felt best to start with the Change/Transition talk.  It was a great time of locating stress levels; learning how roles, relationships and responsibilities have changed; learning how we deal with saying good-bye; and learning the transition phases.  The teachers really opened up and Brooke and her husband Rene had some of their own stories that fit nicely as examples.  Unfortunately, since it is half way through the school year, the teachers leaving will be starting the transition phase all over again in the next few months.  At least this time, they will be better prepared and know what to expect or not to expect. 

      I may be returning in August to give a Cultural Adjustment class for this same group.  And maybe both talks will offered annually each year there is new teachers.   

How to Create a Basic Website (pictures)

Through surveys for the Honduran Fellowship, I find out what missionaries can offer the Honduran Fellowship or really, one another.  I found out Wendy, a missionary, knew how to create a basic website and was willing to work with others.   So, I scheduled a class/workshop for missionaries to learn basic website design. 

     I learned a lot and the class helped a missionary start with set up and figure out what type of pages she wanted, how to link it to her domain name, etc.  She had the basic set up to add all her pictures and information later and all she will have to do is ‘hit’ publish.  It was very valuable to know how websites work and what creates more traffic as well. 

Stateside Schedule

We will be driving to and through NC, VA, TN, MO, IL, MI, OH, PA, NY, CT, and NH!  Email us to request the actual itinerary (note:  it will be coming in the mail with the newsletter). 

ABEA Conference (pictures)

We were at the Anchor Bay Evangelical Association conference in Cape Girardeau, MO the end of June.  This year’s theme was ‘Returning God to our Home, Church, Country.’  We enjoyed great worship as well as messages.  Katarina and I sang at the Singalong service. 

     We reconnected with Cyndy (who works in the office), Bonnie (the missions director), Dr. Adams (president of ABEA), other ABEA members (missionaries, traveling ministers, pastors, etc.), as well as met some new people.  We set up a table, sold some Hope coffee, and presented Honduras in the missions service.  Jeremiah went to a VBS for a couple of days and the kids enjoyed youth group in the evenings. 

Hosting Future Missionaries  

Future full time missionaries


Breaking Chains Ministries Comayaguela

CCI - English speaking service


Aarons Outreach Mission Ranch

Medical Clinic

The Pharmacy

Showing us the equipment (tables)


Discipleship class

Stoppin at the HFMM Office

Missionary Scouting Booklet

Cosecha Mundial Church

Xplore Nations Bible Institute

Change/Transition in Zamorano  

Change and Transition:  Stress Chart

Change and Transition:  Roles, Relationships, Responsibilities

Change and Transition:  How Did the Goodbyes Go?


How To Create a Basic Website  

Creating a website

Linking to domain name

ABEA Conference  

Chrisht Church of the Heartland - host for ABEA Conference

Christ Church of the Heartland - Cape Girardeau, MO

ABEA - a lot of missionaries in a lot of countries

Sharing Honduras and Hope Coffee

President of ABEA - Dr. Adams

Sharing Honduras and Answer the Call Ministries

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