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Bridge Walk

Saying Goodbye

Care Center Guests

Reentry for Missionary Kids

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Bridge Walk (pictures)

The new school, International School of Teguc (IST), does an interesting ceremony for graduating 8th graders.  They do a bridge walk (symbolizing walking from Middle School to High School).  Rebekah is never thrilled to be in front of people, but it was a nice ceremony and opportunity to meet other classmates and parents. 


Saying Goodbye (pictures)

Discovery School graduation signified an important ‘close’ for our family.  As we reunited with staff, teachers, parents, we were also saying goodbye.  Some, we have met for coffee or had over for dinner.  Some of these parents have looked out for children after school, housed them, as well as blessed my kids (from sleepovers to school and choir trips).  No more sticker on the car (this allows you to go in the gated entrance).  No more Cape Cares Brigades.  It was even sad to say good-bye to the bus driver, helper, and security guards.  Reynaldo was always the driver to bring us to and from immigration over the years and Santos had also cleaned Kjell’s room for 5 years when he was a teacher there.  They both helped and looked out for Katarina, especially on days she had much extra stuff to bring to school on the bus. 

Care Center Guests (pictures)

We had two missionaries come stay in the Care Center for a vacation.  Coming from a really hot location in Honduras, they really enjoyed the cooler weather.  We met for personal and ministry vision mapping and talked about upcoming strategy.  Also, they joined us for fellowship with the Fenns:  Friday pizza and games.  Here is what they posted, Joy To The Nations International, Inc. missionaries love to net-work with others to see what God is doing around the nation of Honduras and in the lives of those with whom He gives us divine connections. This month, we met with a fellow missionary that lives in Honduras to do some vision-mapping as we plan for the future. She is a coach/counselor and has great resources, tips, wisdom as missionaries begin to see change coming in the future, to know better how to weather it.”


Reentry for Missionary Kids (pictures)

A missionary couple that attended my Reentry class at the retreat, asked if I would give the class for their 3 children before heading out to Canada for furlough (for the first time in two years).  After I asked them why they were there, “My parents made me,” I discussed why preparing for reentry was so important.  Little by little we discussed different topics and they came up with their reentry plan.  We closed with prayer over their concerns and requests.

Ministry Coaching

One missionary came to the Care Center and I was prepared with vision mapping and debriefing material, but God turned the session direction into processing some recent hurts.  This was necessary to do before a trip to the States.  Also, we stategized and set goals for her missions, so she was able to plan and communicate that on her trip. 

     Another missionary came to the Care Center to go over what God had showed her after the Run the Race Vision Mapping Seminar.  She had completed all the worksheets and extra activities and had learned a lot about herself – specifically how God had equipped her and wired her to do what she is called to do.  We figured out some next steps and I connected her with some people to talk to and brainstorm with. 


Bridge Walk  

Bekah and friends

8th Grade Closing Ceremony



Symbolic of walking over from middle school to high school


Saying Goodbye  

Reynaldo and Santos

Moms at graduation

Care Center Guests  

ATC TCC welcome book

Mountain get away

Reentry for Missionary Kids  

Reentry requires that you anticipate, prepare for, and solve problems

Write out your plan

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