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Lady is Gone





I met with a missionary to help with preventative care.  She is going to her home country on furlough for the summer.  We talked about reentry:  how to prepare to leave, enter, transition, leave, and reenter.  Like I said last month, going between countries is like going in and out of outer space.  We can’t eliminate all the effects, but we can learn how to anticipate, prepare for, and solve problems.   Going over this helped me to prepare for our upcoming trip too.

Lady is Gone (pictures)

Our dog Lady passed away.  Here, dogs are like security.  Sometimes they are poisoned so that people can break in, but our neighbor thinks she just ate some plant in the yard and got sick.  Many have said she may have eaten a frog.  It’s always sad to have to tell the kids and bury a dog. 


Stateside (pictures)

We went on Home Assignment for three weeks.  It was a quick stop in NH.  We caught up on immunizations for the kids; visited Gordon College & a castle in MA, and visited Camp Good News.  We ministered at Southside Bible.  I taught on ‘Great? Expectations’ in Sunday school, I shared a quick ministry update in service and then Kjell shared on ‘The Lord’s Work.’  By Wednesday, we were driving to CT.  We ministered at Bethel Christian Church, had an open house at Bakerville Church, saw Katarina for the holiday weekend which included a Renaissance Fair for Bekah’s Quinceañera and a July 4th parade and family bbq.  We ministered at Grace Life Church too.  We caught up with old friends and made some new ones.  Then, we were on the road to visit Messiah College (PA) and Regent University (VA).  We stayed in 2 hospitality homes on the way as well as saw some friends. 

To listen to ‘The Lord’s Work’ from Southside Bible, click here (not yet available).    

To listen to ‘The Lord’s Work’ from Bethel Christian, click here.

To listen to ‘The Lord’s Work’ from Grace Life, click here.


Lady is Gone  



Home Assignment  

Doing the Lord's Work

Renaissance Fair

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