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Marcy's Journal



Casa de Luz

HFMM Missionary Retreat


Leadership College

Upcoming Missionary Retreat

Casa de Luz (see pictures)

The kids, and Kjell, had a day off of school, so I asked Mikayla if she wanted to go to Casa de Luz and play with the kids.  We knew there were some new kids and were hoping some babies too.  When we got there, the kids were playing with play dough, so we joined in.  After that, the kids were separated into groups.  Half played inside with puzzles and half went outside and played with different toys.  A little girl brought me to play with baby dolls while Mikayla went from puzzle to stacking blocks. 

     The little girl and I pretended to take our babies to a playscape.  We rode the imaginary bus and then put the little babies on an old play toy.  We got into trouble because I didn’t know we weren’t supposed to go over there and play. 

     After playtime, we picked up toys and served lunch.  It was at this time that the girl I had been playing with earlier decided to not listen (sit down and eat).  She became really defiant.  The regular teacher/helpers were gone on their ‘breaks’ and only a volunteer was there with us, but wasn’t doing anything.  I thought by ignoring her behavior, the little girl would come back to the table and eat, but she didn’t.  Talking with Mikayla, I did not know what to do.  I saw a worker put a child in a time out chair in the other room, so I tried it.  This girl would not sit in the seat.  Then, I had to hold her in the chair.  I got so mad that prayer rose right up from the inside of me.  I started to bind rebellion and speak words of life over her (that she would serve God and fulfill the call of God in her life, her destiny, her purpose).  She looked right in my eyes and said, “I don’t understand English.”  In which I replied, “Don’t worry, I’m praying for you.” 

     Her whole body relaxed and she started talking to me about something else.  After a few minutes I asked her if she was ready to go back out and to listen.  She said yes and sat back at the table and ate.  The whole experience was strange and I thought maybe we should just go in and out of there praying from now on!  It also made me wonder if we really ‘help’ when we go.  We don’t know if the kids are calmer and well-behaved when we are not there and get excited when we come that they don’t listen.  It’s hard to tell.  We left at naptime because it seemed none of the kids wanted to lay down while we were still there. 


HFMM Missionary Retreat (see pictures) (More pictures on Facebook)

Thank you for all your prayers!  The Honduran Fellowship Missionary Retreat was a huge success.  At some point in creating the dream session that I realized one of my dreams was coming true.  Not only was I going to be part of the HFMM vision to unify the body of Christ (having many missionaries from all over come together in unity), but I was going “to minister to ministers.”  What a joy to just think of help missionaries answer the call of God on their lives! 

     God did so many things in people’s hearts. Previous friendships were strengthened and new friendships were made.  One missionary said it was exactly what they needed as they are facing some decisions right now.  Another said it could not have come at a better time.  One couple commented that in the months that they had been here, this was the first experience they had that everything went smoothly.  Another missionary said they got their joy back!  God is awesome.  Many missionaries were able to return to their place of ministry encouraged and ready to continue running the race!  

What was most beneficial to the missionaries?  What did they say?

  • “The vision and dream portions were eye opening and the perfect jumping off point I needed.  I also loved the finance portion.  Marcy’s outline of budget was easy to understand and amazingly helpful.”
  •  “Discussing and beginning to analyze my vision and beginning to see how the different aspects of my ministry do unify.”
  • “Seeing the importance of establishing a clear vision and mission(s).”
  • “It was good to refocus.  It was also helpful to use the vision statement to determine what to say ‘yes’ to and what to say ‘no’ to.”
  • “Helped me really figure out my dream, my calling!”
  •  “Revisiting my first love.  As a missionary, I am encouraged with the vision of the Honduran Fellowship.”
  •  “Thinking about who I am in Christ as my identity, not what I do.”
  • “The session on communication and finance was very beneficial.  It opened my eyes to speak – believe – trust:  to say what you need and then believe and pray.”
  • “I really benefited from all the sessions, but what helped me the most was taking a deep look into who I am and what God has called me to do, not what others want me to do.”

      WHO WANTS TO MINISTER NEXT YEAR (March Retreat 2013)?  I would like to see a team come down and offer different sessions (fundraising, tax requirements); small groups (struggles in ministry and prayer time); interactive activities; get-to-know you activities; nursery, children’s and youth ministry.  I would like to get scholarships for each missionary to attend for free and give missionaries a little encouragement gift pack. 

Leadership College (see pictures)

A missionary friend contacted me from La Moskitia about four more girls coming for an interview at the Leadership College for the end of February.  She asked if I could meet them at the bus in Zambrano.  Since we don’t live in Zambrano anymore, I had to check into some other options for our overnight stay.  But that was easy, I made arrangements to stay at Casa Santiago, a ‘hotel,’ team housing for teams, in town.  I decided to take advantage of the trip and visit with a Honduran friend in the village for the afternoon.    Then, when I got the call that the girls were in Comayagua, I judged how much time that would take and waited by the road. 

     I got out of my car when the bus came and waited, but no Moskitian girls got off.  Then, it drove right by me.  Thank goodness, they got off at the next Zambrano stop (near the posta – police station).  I felt so bad for one girl who was throwing up (she had never been on a plane out of La Moskitia and this was probably the longest bus ride she ever took).  While I was focused on loading the luggage and finding her some Tums, there was an extra bag left from the bus.  What do I do?  If I leave it there, someone will take it.  If I bring it to the police posta, they will steal it.  If I take it, how will the bus company ever find me to contact me and I was only staying in town one night.  So, I brought it across the street to the Tipico Restaurant (who I believed were Christians because they have verses in the restaurant and a church there too).  I tried to explain what happened in my horrible Spanish and ask them to call the bus company to let them know it was there.  They agreed, but I felt so bad for the person who ended up at their destination without their bag.

     Being hungry, I took the girls to one of our favorite restaurants in Zambrano, Olga’s.  The problem was, I couldn’t find it at first!  The cooking stuff was gone and all the doors were shut, so I had to call home to find out where it was.  This was so weird:  the restaurant moved across the street to our old house.  I wish I had taken pictures, but I was in shock and awe and weirded out.  There were picnic tables in our old living room and a whole restaurant kitchen (Honduran style) in our old kitchen and living room.  I kept staring and looking around.  I knew our house would make a great restaurant, but I wanted to cry cuz I missed living there.

     I took the girls to Casa Santiago where we chilled out, played a game I brought, and went to bed fairly early.  The interview the next day was not until 4:30pm.  Not wanting to wait all day, I had contacted the director of the leadership college to see if we could come to campus earlier.  He said another volunteer was coming to Zambrano that day and we could meet him and he could show us the way.  What a ‘way’ it was!  I had been up to Las Botijas (where missionary friends of ours live) and had actually been to the river at El Socorro, but I never drove through the river or ever thought there was a world beyond it.  What a drive.  And out in the middle of nowhere, with only wind and solar energy, was an entire campus.  The girls from Moskitia that I helped last year, greeted me with a hug, smiles, and communicated with me in English.  Even a girl who I had helped during the interview a year ago remembered me and greeted me the same.  I finally had a tour and took pictures.    

     I left the four girls there for their afternoon interview and two night stay.  They enjoyed it and called me when they were leaving.  Unfortunately, we found out a few days later that they were not accepted.  Their Spanish was not good enough (and now I really wonder if they understood me at all).  Pray for their future and for opportunities to come their way.  My missionary friend (from Moskitia) and I were not aware of the difference being educated outside of Moskitia makes.  The first group who were recommended had gone to high school out of La Moskitia and made it into Leadership College.  The second group had no schooling outside of La Moskitia and did not make it in.  It confirmed to my friend not only the importance of finding Moskitians opportunities to be educated outside of their area (which is only possible by flying out) as well as starting a good bilingual school (which is in her heart). 


Upcoming Missionary Retreat

The Honduran Fellowship of Missionaries and Ministries is hosting its Annual Missionary Retreat March 23-25

     Marcy has been invited to do 4 sessions

  1. Answering the Call (Who You Are)
  2. Dreams/Vision/Mission (What You Do)
  3. Eliminating Dream Stoppers and
  4. Communication & Finances

Pray for:

  • Finances $4,000 (sponsorships, photocopies, materials, being a blessing)
  • Schedules to open up (help at ministries so missionaries can take time off)
  • Missionaries to feel comfortable coming (especially if single or spouse can not come)
  • Safety (for those that travel and while at the retreat center)
  • Children and youth ministry (volunteers, preferably bilingual, Hondurans)
  • Messages, worship, devotions (anointed, powerful, life-changing)
  • Tools to make things clear and help missionaries continue to RUN THE RACE!
  • Good times of fellowship and making of new friends

     If anyone would like to SPONSOR A MISSIONARY, it will be $26 per missionary ($56 for a couple, $104– 156 per family) and that includes a two night stay and all meals while there.  But the real bonus is a time of refreshing in the Lord.   

     Checks can be made out to Running For Him 24/7 Ministries and sent to 255 Pleasant Dr. Aliquippa, PA 15001. Include a note that says, "HFMM Retreat" to make sure it is properly designated.

     There is also opportunity for Marcy to take this seminar to missionaries in other towns as well as La Moskitia, Puerto Lempira (still in Honduras).  For La Moskitia, she would have to fly out there and stay.  If you would like to SPONSOR this trip, it will be around $675.  We are shooting for end of April/start of May.

$400 ticket

$175 ($25/day for stay and meals)

$100 (photocopies, materials, blessing packages)

$675 total 

Checks can be made to ABEA, PO Box 406, Maryville, IL 62062 (write Fenn in memo and include a note for ‘La Moskitia’)

Leadership College  

At the fork in the road, go left

This is not a walking path, it's the road

4 girls from La Moskitia

Lea, Rocci, Madelina, and Isabel

Dorms for students


Class in session

Classroom and dorms for teachers

All the girls from La Moskitia

Kitchen and cook

Screened in eating area

Adventurous ride home

Through the river I go

Casa de Luz  

Mikayla playing with the kids and playdough.

Now puzzles and blocks

You caught me (Marcy) playing with baby dolls

The area where we are not supposed to play (well, I know that now!)

Missionary Retreat  

Getting all the supplies ready


Bekah sorts the candy and stuffs folders

Labels and membership cards and meal tickets and name badges (created by missionary Angie)

All set up!

John and Adriana Mattica

President and Secretary (of HFMM)

Marcy begins the first session with Answer the Call (Who You Are)

Activity (Motivational Gifts)

Activity (Share two characteristics)


Marcy teaching on day 2

Session 2:  Dreams, Vision, Mission(s)

Session 3:  Eliminating Dream Stoppers

Session 4:  Communciation & Finance

Ministering to missionary kids (thanks!)

Youth campout!

Answer the Call Ministries

ATC Ministries

Answer the Call




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