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Honduran Fellowship Missionary Retreat

Embassy Talks

Model UN


Honduran Fellowship Missionary Retreat (pictures)

HFMM Retreat Report:  244 missionaries present, 68 ministries represented, and 7 countries (there are actually members that are missionaries from Canada, South Korea, Nigeria, Puerto Rico, Mexico, and Spain in addition to the United States).  The Transition/Change and Cultural Adjustment Talks went great.  I saw some tears in eyes as I spoke.  Also, the messages from the guest speaker were timely and right on.  Saturday night, we prayed for the nation and then broke into small groups to pray for one another.  In addition to the two talks, I met with three missionaries for one on one time (2 about ministry related issues and 1 a vision consultation) and helped with registration. 


  • “I had the best day ever at school today with the kiddos and we were even minus one teacher! I gained so much information and wisdom from the HFFM retreat this weekend. Thanks to Marcy Fenn for her insight into Honduran culture and all the others that shared their wisdom and insight.”  - Debbie
  • This weekend Rosie and I were blessed to be a part of a retreat for missionaries from all over Honduras. It was a huge blessing and we both came home with lots of new friends. Thank you to everyone who poured into us this weekend. Adriana Mattica, John Mattica, Marcy Fenn, Melodee Webb and all of the volunteers, you are a blessing!” - Amber
  • I enjoyed our time of prayer together. The retreat was wonderful and so encouraging. God bless you and all you do. - Shari
  • “What a great weekend. Thanks HFMM for great time of fellowship. Everything was great. I think my favorite session was praying for the nations!! Great to meet lots of new friends. Blessings.” - Penny
  • Awesome weekend! For me it came at the perfect time! We've been here 2 short months and the culture shock has set in. So thankful I was able to hear that I am normal lol! The weekend helped me so much with this. Also thankful for all the amazing new friends we met while there! Thanks for working so hard to put it all together!”  - Angie
  • “Thank you to everyone for a wonderful conference and retreat! It was so restful and in a beautiful location. The worship and preaching were phenomenal and I wish it would have been for an entire week. I left refreshed and uplifted. May God multiply blessings upon you all for all you do for the missionaries in the field.” – Dana
  • “Thank You to all the HFMM staff that worked so hard to make this weekend such a blessing! This retreat came in a perfect time for me! I enjoyed everything but, I must say that the worship was awesome & the messages were exactly what I was asking the Lord! He clearly spoke to me! Thank you Pastor Kenneth Harbaum! - with Adriana K Mattica and John M Mattica.”  - Wanda
  • "Thank you and all who made a place of refreshing for all of us! We appreciate you all and the work that went into it. Also thank you for bringing such good teaching of the Word!!!" - Pamela


Embassy Talks (pictures)

Right when I got back from the retreat, after one day of rest and one day to prep, I gave the Change/Transition Talk to US Embassy spouses at their monthly coffee time.  It was very well received, people opened up, they took business cards and English church location information slips and I hope to see some new families at church soon.  For some it was very timely:  they are new to being here or on their way to leaving.  For others, the information explained a lot of how they feel moving from place to place and now they have tools to help them in the future and some expressed even helping others with it (which is even better!).

     The following Friday was the Cultural Adjustment Talk at the US Embassy.  With only 4 in attendance it was very intense.  Although missionaries do have some struggle with what churches or supporters or family expect of them being able to get done in a certain amount of time (in a foreign country), the Embassy workers took this to a whole new level.  The Embassy is expected to run at the speed of Washington, DC which is near to impossible when in another country.  Although the cultural value difference can help at each departmental level, the cultural adjustment skills and expectations teaching need to reach the ‘higher-ups’ so to speak (so that they can lower the goal –task orientation for their workers).  It was suggested I take this to Washington and the talks become mandatory online courses.  God will have to open that door! 

     I have been asked to work with the material on more of a department by department level, but for now we are shooting for offering the talks again in August (a high influx time of new Embassy employees). 

Model UN (pictures)

Kjell and Katarina and other Discovery School students left for La Ceiba the end of the month for the model UN competition.  The different this year, was that they did not have a student’s family beach house to stay in so we tried something new:  staying in missionary housing with a missionary family.  Not only did they get to interact with the family and enjoy some time on the beach, but they got to see some ministry side of aquaponics.  The kids suggested blessing the family and even pitched in some extra money to take them out to Pizza Hut. 

     From the Discovery School memo:  “Team Discovery in their accomplishments during the recent Model UN simulation in La Ceiba. The performance of Discovery students reflected the study and preparation of the past months, under the coaching of Mr. Kjell Fenn.  The greatest thing a delegate (team member) can do in Model UN is to write a resolution (called being a sponsor).  Every single member of our team sponsored at least two resolutions.  Amazing!  The highest awarded honor is called Best Delegate, followed by Honorable Mention.  Out of a group of 25-30 delegates, there are only 3 official awards (1 Best Delegate and 2 Honorable Mentions) which are chosen by the moderators of the committees.  The other awards, such as “Encyclopedia,” “Stuck on You,” “Future UN Delegate” and “Bazooka,” are peer awards, voted on by the delegates themselves.” 

     Katarina won Best Delegate, Encyclopedia, Future UN Delegate(for overall excellence), and Stuck on You Award.

     “To recap, in all of the 5 committees where Discovery School participated, we won either 1st place or 2nd place, and in one case we won both 1st and 2nd!  In addition, the peer delegates voted Discovery as excellent (evidenced by the peer awards).  Our reputation at the Model UN is that Discovery School is superb.  Many students from other schools verbally praised Discovery and were intimidated by us just because of our name.  Excellent job, students and coach!


Honduran Fellowship Missionary Retreat  

Registration table (room keys, member cards, name tags, schedules)

Adraian and John Mattica (founders of the Honduran Fellowship)

Amazing:  244 missionaries present, 68 ministries represented, and 7 countries

HFMM staff, retreat staff, and guest speaker

Guest Speaker - Ken Harbaum

Missionaries worshipping in English!

Worship in English!

Two Talks:  Change/Transition and Cultural Adjustment

Working on activities

Group Activity:  Pick top 3 skills needed to adjust to a new culture

Group Activity: How did that make you feel? (scenario)

Meal times (fellowship)

Prayer service - praying for the nation of Honduras

Prayer circles - praying for one another

Prayer circles - praying for one another

Getting my stash of Hope Coffee!

You wanted a normal photo of Kjell?  Not gonna happen!

Embassy Talks  

Embassy spouses

Embassy spouses


Me and Heather (Navy wife who invited me to talk with other Embassy spouses and who hosted the spouse coffee for this month)

Model UN  

Preparing on Thursday night

Katarina in the committee

Katarina has something to say

Working on resolutions

Katarina's turn to present

All dressed up and ready to go

Katarina - Best Delegate

Pizza Hut - only the gringos make funny faces


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