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Missionary Care

Care Center Makeover

Missionary Training

Semana Santa

Missionary Care

Possible Burn Out

     I met with a missionary who thought she might be in burnout.  It turned out she needed a listening ear as well as some information on stages:  of life, of ministry, and of faith.  It seems that some of the stages are overlapping, but she has a good plan of action to work through and overcome.  Also, per her request, I was able to connect her to someone who can mentor her. 

Vision Mapping

     I conducted a vision mapping consultation with a Pastor who was in country helping a missionary friend of mine.  She had never heard of vision mapping and had some unfulfilled dreams she was curious about how they would come to pass. 

     I conducted a vision mapping consultation with a teacher who is leaving at the end of the year and is considering her job options back in the States.  It's always interesting to see all the different opportunities and possibilities while figuring out which is the right one.  Also, what often looks like failure is just others rejecting the God in you.  It's never failure unless you completely give up.

Loss & Grief Break-up

     I met with a missionary that had just recently experienced a break up.  It was great to see her identity was still in Christ, not in the other person, she still had her network of friends, and she could objectively look at the relationship to discover the healthy and unhealthy aspects. 


    I called a missionary who had moved within country and was going thorugh a lot of change, even some cultural differences (within country!).  I learned a little bit about their ministry and then emailed the links and handouts to the change/transition videos.  The ministry was reevaluating where they are at and where they are going, so I sent vision mapping materials too. 

     Another missionary emailed me about a volunteer that was struggling with adjusting to being in Honduras.  I sent both Change/Transition and Cultural Adjustment handouts and video links. 

Care Center Makeover (pictures)

Thanks to a donation from Southside Bible and a matching donation from my friend who did the makeover, the Care Center went from random to caring.  She was able to find and paint furniture, have comforters made, and tie the whole place together. 

     See the before and after videos.  See the photo album on our Facebook page (which also includes the vision organizational chart of the Answer the Call Training and Care Center (ATC TCC). 

Missionary Training (pictures)

Last minute, two World Race teams pulled some people together to meet at my house for a Cultural Adjustment talk.  We also had a Honduran staff member as well as a Honduran intern.  One team member could see herself on both sides of the cultural value chart.  She grew up in the States (having North American values at school), but with a Mexican family (Latin American values at home).  Another team member had offended a Latin American in the States and didn't understand it until we talked about the values.  It's amazing how people deal with cultures all the time and it is not limited to being overseas anymore.  I heard from one of the ministries how the Racers kept talking about the class and came into the house/ministry applying what they had learned.    

Semana Santa

Semana Santa is Holy Week or Spring break in Honduras.  We tried to make plans to get away the first half, but they fell through.  So, we have had a staycation.  We did meet friends nearby for a swim and papusas, I still met with a few people during the week, and Thursday we helped a missionary family move. 

Care Center Makeover  

Before the makeover

After the makeover

Missionary Training  

Using the Care Center for a Cultural Adjustment Talk

Working interdependently on top skills to adjusting to any culture


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