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Missionary Orientation

Youth Missions Trip

Run the Race Seminar El Salvador

Missionary Care

Body of Christ Fellowship



Missionary Orientation (pictures)

We had our first missionary training sessions at the Spanish Institute in Siguatepeque.  We had about 9 missionaries in the morning class and 6 in the afternoon class.  Michelle, Rachel, and I covered ‘What I Wish I Would Have Known.’  Between the three of us, we have 36 years of missionary experience, including various locations as well as type of work, and different status perspectives (single, married, and family).  It seemed well received and we believe that the Spirit will bring items to their remembrance as they come up in their missionary journey.   

Youth Missions Trip (pictures)

Kjell, Mikayla, and Rebekah had an awesome mission trip with El Ayudante.  On day 1 they received water filter and evangelism training (how to work the gospel into a regular conversation).  They built latrines in a community in the afternoon.  On day 2, they installed water filters in the mountains (a bio-sand filter design is a plastic container with layers of sand and gravel that allow a live level of bacteria to grow which eats the bad bacteria as the water filters through it).  That evening they shared a message and testimonies in a church (Mikayla was one of them).  On day 3, one group built latrines while another group built a wall at a high school.  After lunch they did water filter checks in another community.  My girls expressed how they miss being in the mountains and miss doing projects.   

Run the Race Seminar El Salvador (pictures)

After two workshops at the Honduran Fellowship retreat, Mike Peterson (missionary care worker from El Salvador, who was visiting our retreat) invited me to conduct a workshop for missionaries in El Salvador.  When I went through my topics and landed on vision mapping, Mike, said, “That.  That is what we need.”  I was looking to dates way far off into the future when we started emailing back and forth about Semana Santa (Holy Week or Spring Break).  In one day, we had made plans for a full seminar and one-on-one appointments with missionaries.  The next day I was booking bus tickets (got the last five tickets on the ride back).

       Ordering $220 bus tickets for the family, I wanted to make sure we had the documentation we needed to leave and reenter Honduras.  So, I went to the office and was assured that we only needed an extension (stamp) in our passports.  However, leaving the house at 4am to make our 6am bus, the bus office would not allow us to board.  See – there is a procedure for those who are not residents and a procedure for those that are residents, but nothing for those in between. And apparently, you can travel with one extension in your passport, but not two (and we had two because we are waiting for permanent residency to be completed).  I tried to convince the worker to allow us on the bus, but to no avail.  Our friend who dropped us off returned to pick us up.  I knew God wanted us in El Salvador, but didn’t know if we should drive or if I should just fly.  Between the youth mission trip and El Ayudante’s message and tag for the year, ‘Take the next step,’ and Miranda asking if we wanted to swing by the airport, we had renewed hope.  In fact, God had been dealing with Miranda about ‘not worrying about the money’ and was sharing her testimony with us.  I guess I believed God could provide, but I still wanted to get him the best deal (disguised as good stewardship).  $220 bus tickets for 5 people that would be reimbursed by the missionary we were doing the seminar for sounded awesome compared to a $600-700 plane ticket.  So, with complete peace, we went to the airport.  The desk clerk searched for tickets and let us behind the counter to search.  As we searched the bus company called to ask if we needed our return ticket.  It was then we realized we could search for a one way plane ticket and then ride the bus back (after our passports were stamped at airport and then in El Salvador, there would be no border crossing problem – don’t ask me why).  So we booked the $2,000 tickets and hung out in the airport for the next flight.  My mind raced, “Did we do the right thing?  That is more than half of our ticket cost for the summer.  That is more than a doctorate level course…”  We almost had an issue with immigration in the airport, but I pleaded my case (in process of residency, have an event, etc.).  Still, complete peace was upon us.

       I did not pack for the airport, just the bus, so Jeremiah’s orange Slugterra nerf gun was confiscated through security (took me two years to find it and he just got it at Christmas!) and his squirt gun was confiscated in the luggage.  It took longer to check in and go through immigration in San Salvador than it did to fly (only a 30 minute flight).  And once again, we almost had a problem at immigration.  With residency, we can pass for free.  Without residency you pay ($10 per person).  But what do we do with in process?  The immigration left to bring our passports and expired residency cards to a room, somewhere, and then returned.  We had to pay, but could still pass through (phew!).

       So, you know if all that happens, the seminar is going to be awesome, right?  And it was.  There were 24 missionaries from El Salvador at the Run the Race Vision Mapping Seminar.  From a missionary who had been in country for less than 2 weeks to some veteran 31 year missionaries, they were very receptive and involved.  I met with one missionary couple the day after the seminar to finish mapping out their organizational chart.  They were at a critical point in ministry and were seeking God for direction.

       After the seminar I joined the family at the missionary beach house.  We spend a couple of mornings at the beach (with surf and boogie boards) and afternoons in the pool.  It was a great couple of days before the bus ride home.  Once again, one more border and the ‘confused look’ (what to do with that extension in the passport and the expired residency card).  Thankfully, it is only $3 per person to enter Honduras at the border and he gave us the days equal to our last extension (not just 30 days, but not 90 days either).   

Missionary Care          

After a frantic call from a missionary, I was able to post the need for help and various missionaries rallied around her and the ministry, moving them from discouraged to encouraged.  The best part was this was a dream, desire, I had years ago in Connecticut.  The dream was instead of a prayer chain, I wanted a prayer ambulance.  When someone called for prayer, I wanted a team of people to drive out to the person, praying for them when they could not pray for themselves and worshipping around them when they could not worship, like Aaron and Hur held up Moses’ arms so that Joshua would have victory against the Amalekites.  Missionaries went out to come alongside and serve, pray, and worship with other missionaries.  I wish I could have been there to see it.  “As a result…” they had the victory (Exodus 17:11-13).       

Body of Christ Fellowship (pictures)

At the beginning of the year, I felt God impressing on me to start an English speaking fellowship in Santa Lucia.   We had our first, vision casting, fellowship on March 13.  We have a set schedule for a pilot program (starting in April the first three Sundays of every month) and will evaluate in June if we are going to continue.  We started with food and fellowship, then sharing the word, then prayer for one another, and ending with worship.  No rush.  No time constraints.  Missionaries stayed and fellowshipped long after we were finished.  It was very refreshing. 

Body of Christ Fellowship

Vision:  The whole united body contributing and bringing about growth (Ephesians 4:16). 

Missions:  Authentic Community, Bringing a Supply, Equipped to Serve


Missionary Orientation  

Rachel, Michelle, and I

Morning group

Afternoon group

What I wish I would have known...

Youth Missions Trip  

CCI Fellowship Youth Group

To the mountains





Seal it up

Level it out

Testing it out

Water filters

Mix for the water filter

Finished product

Kjell makes a friend

Mikayla shares a testimony

Building a wall at a school

Mixing cement

Building a wall

Group shot, "Take the Next Step"

Run the Race El Salvador  

Last minute flight

Made it!

Welcome to El Salvador. 
Thank you for allowing us to bring you to new horizons

Conference room



Is the call individual or corporate?

Share two characteristics about yourself


Share your dream

Dream Chart

Vision Organizational Charts

Run the Race

Taking the bus home

Body of Christ Fellowship  





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