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Marcy's Journal

Adoption Adventure

1 Year Body of Christ Anniversary

Road Trip

Fires in Honduras


Adoption Adventure (pictures)

On March 7th, friends of ours landed for the final signing on their adoption of two Honduran children (read their adventure here).  If you go back to their first blog post, you will see the process began in February 2011 (a 6 year + journey!).  The second day here, the children joined them in our basement apartment.  For the first week, we ate dinners together.  It was fun to reminisce about college days and speak Spanglish with and get to know the kiddos.  So the waiting continues.  Original documents need to be processed, trips and paperwork from a registrar, new birth certificates, and I’m sure the Embassy is in there for passports.  During one week of the waiting, they were able to take a trip to Roatan.  Pray for this process to go as speedily as possible.  They have two older children awaiting their return. 


1 Year Body of Christ Anniversary
We can’t believe it, but we hit our one year anniversary for Body of Christ Fellowship.  We reviewed the vision and missions, watched a video I put together (to see click here), shared our testimonies from the year, and worshipped. 

Road Trip (pictures)

Our missionary care team (Michelle, Rachel, and I) planned and went on our first missionary care road trip.  We started by attending a class on ‘Empowering Ministry through Honduran Culture’ in Siguatepeque put on by the Children’s Alliance.  I was excited to hear a Honduran perspective on working with us gringos (white people).  We were able to meet some missionaries that work in the area as well as some attending language school.  That afternoon, we went to the coffee shop so Michelle could talk with a missionary about games for camps and we were able to connect with a couple missionaries coming in and out of there.  We stayed with a missionary, Lynda, that night and had a great time of fellowship and fun.

     The next morning, Thursday, I gave a class on Stress Management and Self Care.  We were able to meet some new missionaries there too and I gave an extra handout to those in foster care that included sources of foster parent stress as well as what can be done to relieve the stress.  From there, we drove to Gracias for an afternoon workshop, stopping in La Esperanza for lunch.

     I think we might have passed the first place we lived in Honduras – Yamaranguila.  The roads had improved so much, I still am not sure that was it!  We arrived in Gracias and I set up and taught the Parenting on the Mission Field class.  After, we listened to missionary stories, fellowshipped and laughed.  We stayed with missionaries, Agees, that night.

     The next morning, Friday, we had time to see some sites in Gracias (two churches:  Iglesia San Marcos and La Merced, San Cristobal Fort, Celaque Mountain, a shop of homemade jams and preserved foods) and we met up with Rachel’s mom for lunch.  We drove to Santa Rosa in the afternoon.  We did some thrift shopping, a vision consultation and building community one on one, and spent the night with the McNerlins. 

     The next morning, Saturday, we drove to Copan Ruinas.  We gave a class on Missionary Orientation and went out to lunch with the Kents and Tim.  In the afternoon, we ran into another missionary that was staying at the same hotel and were able to chat.  Then, Rachel and I sat by the pool and enjoyed the sun while Michelle visited with a Honduran family and attended a wedding. 

     The last day, Sunday, we went to the Honduran family’s house for breakfast and hit the road for the long drive from Copan Ruinas back home. 

Fires in Honduras (pictures)

Missionaries and Hondurans began posting last Wednesday about fires that were approaching their homes and ministries.  Some had to evacuate their homes.  Some had to stay and fight the fires (the smoke causing headaches and even causing a school to close for 2 days).  Burning brush is part of life here, but with last year’s pine beetle epidemic a lot more trees were down causing areas to be hotter and dry – prone to catch fire.  However, there is talk now that someone may have started the fire that was outside of Tegucigalpa (in El Hatillo). 

Adoption Adventure  

It's official.  The papers are signed.

Learning how to play with tazos.

Road Trip For Facebook photo album of road trip, click here.

Staying with Lynda in Siguatepeque

Stress Management & Self Care Workshop Siguatepeque

Parenting on the Mission Field Workshop Gracias

Staying with the Agees

Staying with the McNerlins Santa Rosa

Missionary Orientation Copan Ruinas

Fires in Honduras  


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