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Honduran Sign Language

Discovery Gala 2013

Run the Race for World Racers III

Carnegie Hall in 2014?

Honduran Sign Language (see pictures)

When I was in 5th grade, we had a translator all day who signed for four deaf students.  Because of this, she taught us the alphabet, the pledge of allegiance, and some other signs to the whole class.  I remember loving this sign language teacher so much that I chiseled out all of our names (the teachers and classmates) on a block of wood and gave it to her at Christmas or at the end of the year.  When I went to summer camp, I learned songs in sign, such as ‘Jesus Loves Me.’  

     So, when I was able to conduct a one on one vision consultation with a missionary, Beverly Chesser, who brings sign language education and Jesus to the deaf in rural areas of Honduras, I was interested on more than one level.  Mikayla began to ask me about sign and showed an interest as well.  So, when Tony Deien of Zion’s Gate received a deaf 20 year old at his ministry and Beverly and her Honduran friend (and teacher) Shirley, were going there to give classes, I asked if Mikayla and I could join them. 

     The Honduran sign language is a little bit different, but it makes sense if I say the words in Spanish.  For example, many colors have the letter in the sign.  It makes sense to use ‘g’ in the sign for green in American sign language and makes sense to use ‘v’ in the sign for green (verde) in Honduran sign language.  Shirley is an amazing teacher and the class is a combination of charades and signs.  The deaf 20 year old, who prior to classes did not know how to sign, read, or write, has to understand what the sign means when it is being taught.  Charades and pictures are the only way to convey that to someone who can not hear. 

     Hopefully, Mikayla and I can tag along with Beverly to some of her other remote areas:  learning signs, signing to her students, and taking pictures to help her with a Facebook page or helping in whatever other way we can (monthly updates, organizing information for a web page, etc.). 

Discovery Gala 2013 (see pictures)

The third Discovery Gala took place May 17th.  Kjell organizes the food, entertainment, slides, judging (of art and literature), edits and has printing of the literary magazine, etc. all for a wonderful red carpet evening.  This year, Kjell delegated many of the responsibilities to his AP English class students.  They did a great job with making the awards, setting up, and creating their ‘talks’ for in between nominations and awards.  The magazines literally arrived at 5pm the night of the event!  They did not factor customs in the shipping time. 

     Katarina sang an original song, ‘Perfect.’  Kjell and I were able to figure out the chords and put a soundtrack for her (drums, guitar, and piano).  I took a few pictures and then started to video – thinking it wouldn’t do the whole thing, but it did (check it out on facebook)! 

     Channel 5 was there to interview Kjell and some of the kids.  A newspaper reporter and photographer were there and the school ended up with a full page in the ‘El Heraldo’ newspaper.  There are also pictures online at El Heraldo.

Run the Race for World Racers III (pictures)

I love the thought that God would connect the Run the Race Seminar with World Racers.  These missionaries moving to 11 countries in 11 months are seeking God and His will for their lives.  In January (1st month), the Racers are new and not quite ready to sit down and map out their dreams, but they will have the information to refer to later on in the race.  In March (3rd month), the Racers could connect more from their three months of travel, but still will file the information for a later date.  By May (9th month), Racers were ready and hungry!  God has already been showing them things about their future and they want a way to map out what He has shown them.  The second session was a little late at night and we lost electricity 4-5 times.  Even though I kept going by using my phone light and them with flashlights, I think we lost some momentum. 

     I’m hoping at the end of their 11 months, I will hear some testimonies of how the seminar helped them map out what God was showing them along their journey and I would love to know what they end up doing as a result!

     Some of what Racers felt was most beneficial:

  • Knowing that it all starts with the basics – just BE!
  • The reminders about being a human being instead of a human doing and how the most important part of my ministry is my relationship with Christ.
  • Worksheets to participate with and go back to.
  • Hearing how to eliminate obstacles and not let that stop dreams from happening.
  • Reminding me God is a dreamer and so am I.  That all things are possible through Him.
  • Being poured into and being taught from God’s word.  I loved the importance that is put on the Word of God.
  • Realizing the ‘because’ behind my dreams.  It opened up my mind to other jobs/missions I might enjoy on what else God might be calling me to instead of being focused on one thing.

     Before Sign Language class on Monday, Mikayla and I took a trip to the store to price chairs and tables.  I thought I would bless Zion’s Gate with some chairs and maybe in the future tables.  I prayed for a good ‘deal’ (I love ofretas – specials).  And sure enough, plastic chairs and tables were all 30% off.  We did some calculating and counting and got 28 chairs and 7 tables.  I would have liked blue or yellow, but all they had in that quantity were red.  You should have seen us try to fit them in the truck (Nissan XTerra).  We set them up and even the Sign Language teachers were thrilled!  They said it finally felt like a classroom.  The boys at Zion’s Gate grabbed Tony from the bus when he got home, covered his eyes, and brought him in the room for a ‘surprise.’  Cassie, another missionary at the girl’s home, said we should have seen the look on his face!  Racers not only enjoyed them for a place to sit and eat, but we ended up not having to go to the school and did the seminar right at Zion’s Gate.  This was also a lot safer since I left late (I finished the second session at 9:30pm and stayed packing up and chatting until 10:30pm or so)! 


Carnegie Hall in 2014?

I am amazed at all the vocal opportunities that have been awarded the girls while living in a third world country.  In the summer of 2012, the Discovery School Choir participated in the International Choral Festival in San Francisco.  Apparently, they were the only Latin American choir at the choral festival and listed on the website for San Francisco.  And since they have that experience as well as experience singing with an orchestra (they sang with the Honduran Philharmonic last fall), the Discovery School Choir has been invited to perform at Carnegie Hall in the summer of 2014. 

     Now, Kat and Mik have to make a decision if they want to commit to the coming year of rehearsals (Kat will also have 3 AP classes) and we will have to start saving and planning for the trip! What an honor. Check it out at DCINY.


Honduran Sign Language  

Shirley (Honduran sign language teacher) and Beverly

Shirley teaches us signs for the numbers

Karen learns the signs along with the kids at Zion's Gate

Signing our names, Beverly helps

Spelling out M-i-k-a-y-L-a

Shirley, Karen, Beverly

Sitting on the floor learning to sign feelings

Some of the World Racers join class

Discovery Gala 2013  

Art Exhibit


Poem and Art

Interviewed for Channel 5


Fenns on the red carpet

6th graders (and one sister) on the red carpet

10th graders on the red carpet

8th graders on the red carpet

Welcome by Kjell Fenn

Jeremiah goes up to help

Kat sings an original, 'Perfect'

Kat and Mik

In El Heraldo newspaper

Chronicles of Discovery 2013 Literary and Art Magazine

Run the Race World Racers III  

Tables and chairs

A place to sit

Bekah sorts the materials

And candy for two different groups


World Racers Group 1 - Working on the Motivational Gifts activity


Name tent - characteristics activity

Dream Chart Activity

Dream Chart Activity


World Racers Group 2 - Motivational Gifts Activity

Name Tent - Characteristics Activity

A lot to think about

If you had unlimited time, resources, etc., what would you do and why?


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