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Youth Outreach  at Heart of Christ

World Race Parent Vision Trip

Ministry in La Moskitia

HFMM Singles Retreat

Pre-field Training



Youth Outreach at Heart of Christ (pictures)

The CCI Youth group had a weekend long retreat as well as outreach.  After learning about the ministry and how the children arrive at Heart of Christ (rescued from violence and abuse, one child found abandoned in a home still attached to the placenta), they were able to read and play with the kids.  They painted fingernails too and had a time of worship (in Spanish) as well as prayer.  The teens and young moms at Heart of Christ had a hard time believing that three of the youth group members are Honduran.  That may have been the first time ever that Hondurans came to minister to them. 

World Race Parent Vision Trip (pictures)

I drove out to Sigatepeque and conducted a Cultural Adjustment talk for a World Race Parent Vision team.  Racers were in their 9th month and were joined by their parents for a weeklong trip to show them what the Race is like.  This was the first time I ever had parents in a talk and they were very receptive.  I met a mom that is a missionary in Africa (way to meet your Racer in Honduras!) and she found some similarities in African and Latin American cultural values and noticed some ways she has responded incorrectly to the differences.  Another parent, former police officer in Ohio and Florida, had actually recognized some of these cultural value differences in his line of work. 

Ministry in La Moskitia (pictures)

By faith we purchased Katarina’s ticket and paid for her room and board so she could help with a missionary retreat in La Moskitia – and boy, did we need her help!  Flights only go in and out on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, so Katarina, Jennifer (intern), and I left on a Friday and returned on a Monday. 

     Friday afternoon we sat in on the missionary women’s bible study.  It was great to get to know some of the women and their children before the retreat. 

     Saturday from 9am-4pm was the missionary retreat.  We had 13 adults and 8 children.  I did workshops on Reentry, Setting Boundaries, and Cultural Adjustment.  I included an overview of the Honduran Fellowship General Assembly meeting as well as time for prayer for La Moskitia and for one another.  We had a great potluck picnic lunch.  Who knew broccoli (which I brought with me as well as salad stuff) is only second to chocolate chips?  You read that right – broccoli!

    Most beneficial from the missionary retreat was:

  • Talking about transitions
  • Childcare was a huge blessing, enjoyed time of reflection on these topics
  • Enjoyed prayer time
  • Re-entry (haven’t done it yet – got prepared for it)
  • Reentry discussion and childcare.  Thank you!
  • Better understanding of Honduran Culture
  • Confirmation verbally for what God has spoken spiritually.
  • Cultural Adjustment
  • Fellowship with other Americans
  • Really close to real life
  • Cultural Adjustment
  • Prayer time, great topics

     Jennifer and Katarina worked together with all the kids in the morning and split into groups in the afternoon.  Jennifer talked about identity in Christ and belonging.  Katarina shared from her blog on ‘Nobody Knows Me.’ At first, the youth thought Katarina was older and wouldn’t understand them.  But when they found out she was only 17 and had been a missionary kid for 7 years, they were so excited (they felt they could relate).  I even had one of the youth tell me how awesome the retreat was for her because she was to be able to hang out with other missionary kids.  Her family lives out on an island and arrived by boat that morning.  At lunch, they followed Katarina around and youth and children took turns cutting a cucumber.  Who knew that could be so exciting! 

   Sunday I had an appointment with a missionary couple in the morning.  We worked through some first year expectations (their expectations and those placed on them and the ministry) and a little of the transition curve.  In the afternoon, we took a trip to the hospital to bring a crib for a baby that was sick and then we went to Mama Tara’s Orphanage.  I worked with the missionary there on ministry coaching (brainstorming and making a list of what documents I could send her to help with orientation, team forms, intern applications and assessments, etc.).  We talked a little bit about loss and grief.  Unfortunately, quite a few people (old, middle-aged, and young) die in La Moskitia each year.  They rushed the above mentioned baby to La Ceiba by plane and drove to San Pedro the night we left and she died. 

HFMM Singles Retreat (pictures)

    The Honduran Fellowship offered a Singles Retreat for missionaries and teachers (foreigners).  I was able to help with a bit of brainstorming, although singles Michelle (who would like to help the Honduran Fellowship with member care) and Jennifer (intern) had it all under control.  They reported in that it was a great time of fellowship and addressing the emotional needs of singles on the mission field. 

Pre-field Training (pictures)

   My sweet spot is working with missionaries before they hit the field.  Missionaries from San Pedro heard that I do pre-field training and asked if three missionaries could stay in the Care Center for two days of training. 

Day 1 

     After getting to know them (their target date is September 2016 for church planting in San Pedro), we read through the ‘Missionary Scouting’ booklet.  This is basically all the things someone should know, consider, and plan for before coming as a missionary. 

 Day 2 

     I conducted a Run the Race Vision Mapping Seminar here at the house and invited other missionaries.  So we had a total of 7 people.  Most beneficial was:

  • To learn how to start to build a dream
  • The part about the core beliefs
  • The vision and mission statement teaching and the dream and vision chart
  • Focusing on the WHO first and not the what
  • Helped me see that what I am trying to do with others is correct - encouraging
  • Emphasis on planning, vision statements

Day 3

     In the morning, we went over upcoming expectations, noted their foundation and if they were realistic or not, and then came up with a plan of action.  I am really excited to see what ends up being most beneficial to them and how this helps with their longevity (thriving, not just surviving).  Only time will tell. 


Youth Outreach Heart of Christ  

Mikayla holds Milagro ('Miracle,' she was found abandoned in a house with the umbilical cord still attached.

Time to read

The group

Dany and Kat lead worship


World Race Parent Vision Trip  

Cultural Adjustment

Guessing the top three skills to adjusting

Ministry in La Moskitia  

Ready to go on a small plane

You haven't lived until you have landed on dirt, gravel, or grass

House of Hope

Vida Abundante School

One day missionary retreat


Setting Boundaries

Cultural Adjustment

Missionary potluck lunch

Serious excitement over cucumbers and broccoli

Praying for La Moskitia

Praying for each other

Belonging = you are the body of Christ

Missionary kiddos

Transportation in La Moskitia

Bringing a crib to Pediatrics at the hospital

Mama Tara's Orphanage

Jennifer and Katarina playing with the kids

HFMM Singles Retreat  

Food and


Pre-Field Training  

Heading to Honduras 2016

Run the Race Seminar

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