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A New Superintendent at IST

Change and Transition

Vision Mapping

Member Care


A New Superintendent at IST

Kjell has been Curriculum Coordinator at International School of Tegucigalpa for 2 years.  Long story short, Kjell was offered the Superintendent position and has accepted.  With staff and students leaving, we are asking for those of you who would like to be part of a monthly prayer team, just for Kjell and the school.  If so, please email me with a subject line “Add me to IST Prayer List.” 

Pray for:

  • Christian staff that want to grow professionally. 
  • Current positions to be filled:  Lower Elementary Teacher, Upper Elementary Teacher, Pre-School & Elementary Chaplain, Middle School Chaplain, High School Bible Teacher, Counseling, High School English Teacher, High School Counseling. 

Interested in teaching in Honduras?  Apply here.(drop down box on positions available). 


Change and Transition (pictures)

I conducted the second missionary training at the Spanish Institute in Siguatepeque.  It was on Change and Transition.  For these missionaries learning Spanish, some of what they have felt and experienced will start all over again when they leave language school and enter their location of ministry.  I finally thought of an analogy that I like that describes what is happening (transitioning to Honduras, to another ministry or location, and going back and forth to the States): 

     Change and transition is like being an astronaut, entering a new and different atmosphere.  Do you think astronauts get ‘used to’ going in and out of space?  No.  It may be a little more familiar each time.  They might know what to expect.  But every time if affects them (physically – the force of the trip into space, no gravity, as well as the food they eat, and emotionally, excitement and fear as well as separation from family and friends).  One hard fact to swallow is that people that experience change and transition (even if a familiar, repeated transition), do not ‘arrive,’ they don’t ‘get this by now,’ they don’t automatically have the correct responses because each time is a different transition. 

Vision Mapping

I met with someone for vision mapping who is moving from teaching to a ministry/business opportunity in Honduras.  It is awesome to see how the steps in her life were pointing in this direction and to this moment in time.  I can’t wait to step into her dream (physically) in the next year or so.  God is already doing amazing things.


Member Care (pictures)

We traveled out to Ojojona to meet with a missionary family.  We worked through stress, self-care and expectations.  Here is an encouraging post from our visit, “Michelle & Marcy recently stopped by Ojojona for a ‘missionary care talk’. It was encouraging and helpful to bounce off ideas, pray and have some fellowship that also came with empathy & instruction. Sure, it's hard to ask for help, but save yourself some pain friends!  By the way, thanks ladies! Adelante!”


     We stopped to meet with a missionary who is leaving Honduras.  We were able to give him encouragement as well as reentry program information.  Because I want to see people answer the call of God on their lives (to be who God has called them to be and do what God has called them to do), it breaks my heart when missionaries are hurting from hurtful circumstances or situations.  The beauty is that God can make good and beautiful things out of the bad and ugly.  Here was his response to our visit, "...after talking to you both, I have a spark of hope for the future."

Change and Transition  

Social Adjustment Rating Scale

Morning Class

Roles, Responsibilities, and Relationships

Afternoon class

Member Care  

Member care on the road (Ojojona)

Meeting with people in Teguc

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