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Marcy's Journal

Missionary Training and Field Trip

Artistic Gala

Fenn 6

Jeremiah Teaches




Missionary Training and Field Trip (pictures)
Michelle, Rachel, and I drove out to Siguatepeque to go on a field trip with and train missionaries in Language school.   The first afternoon/evening we were there, I met with missionaries to conduct vision consultations:  one consultation with the family that runs the Language Institute and then with a missionary couple in transition.

    The next morning, we went on the field trip to the pottery shop, donut shop, and then had a picnic.  The students were able to practice their Spanish and learn about culture as well.  I even got to try my hand at the pottery wheel.  It was amazing to see the process of how the Lencan pottery is made.  The white design is made by putting a soot substance on the square coaster (after it has been dried), smoking the black color on (by burning pine needles) and then chipping off the hard, smoked, soot.

     The donut place is run by an 80+ year old woman who says they crank out 3,000 donuts a day.  It was amazing to see the rapid production from dough ball, to circle, to frying in the hot oil, to being coated in sugar.  Each bag of 12 donuts was L20 (less than $1)!  We ended the trip with picnic lunch in the park which is a hard concept for the Spanish teachers since their big meal is at lunch and the park does not have anywhere to heat up food!     In the afternoon, although a little bit tired, we taught on Change and Transition.     

Artistic Gala (pictures)

International School has an Artistic Gala each May to showcase art and music.  Mikayla played a piece on piano and had her art on display. 

Fenn 6 (pictures)

So, college said my daughter would never want to come home again, but that was not the case.  Katarina has really missed home, which for her is Honduras (and missed us too I suppose).  She also wanted to be here for her sister’s graduation. So, we found a cheap ticket out of Chicago and Katarina came to visit for 2 weeks. 

     We enjoyed eating meals together, hanging out, celebrating two birthdays together (her 20th) and events such as Baccalaureate and IST Green Day. 


Jeremiah Teaches (pictures)

Jeremiah wanted to teach on Ephesians 2:10 (we are God’s handiwork) for church.  So, when we finally finished 2nd Peter, Jer was on the schedule to share.  He prepared his lesson and we created a puzzle of a vase with the verse on it for everyone to complete.


Baccalaureate (pictures)

First major event for Mikayla, our senior, was the Baccalaureate.  It is a fancy dinner and award ceremony designed and facilitated by the parents.  Mikayla was walked in and out by her dad, the seniors sang a song, awards were given, and speeches by guests were made. 


Missionary Training & Field Trip For complete air trip photo album, click here.


The making of Lencan pottery



Donut Shop


Teaching a class on Change and Transitions

Artistic Gala  


Performance & Gallery of Paintings

Fenn 6  

Reunited at the airport

Kat's 20th Birthday

Smoothies after Green Day


Jeremiah Teaches  

You are God's handiwork

And you are special

Puzzle time


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