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Women of Purpose

Vision Mapping Consultations

Honduran Fellowship General Assembly


Women of Purpose (pictures)

The Women of Purpose missionary retreat was a great success.  I dropped off some instruments for the worship team the Sunday beforehand and saw the team setting up.  Two missionary ladies from La Moskitia stayed in the care center before and after the event.  What a weekend of being blessed, revived, encouraged, filled, and loved.  This team comes down every year just to ‘hold our arms up’ as we do ministry (like Aaron and Hurr did for Moses in Exodus 17).  In addition, I received some great testimonies from missionaries:

  • One shared the vision mapping with her Honduran friend.
  • One shares change and transition with new missionaries as well as used the cultural values while counseling a married couple (Latin and North American values).

I connected with some others:

  • One will use the videos (Change/Transition and Cultural Adjustment) with a new intern who is struggling.
  • I will be meeting with two other missionaries in transition for vision mapping consultations. 

     Events are also a great way to find out what is going on with missionaries and who needs help.  I found out one of our missionaries has experienced 4 deaths this last year and another one was robbed.   

Vision Mapping Consultations (pictures)

I was with a missionary, Molly, who revealed how God’s door is always open to us, how He listens to us and cares about us.  We continued to brainstorm her ministry name and vision and she came up with:  Future of Hope Family Ministries Walking alongside the forgotten and abandoned as they journey towards hope and wholeness.    

     She also had an anonymous donor commit to match the donations she receives - up to $5,000!  That is a maximum total of $10,000 for the ministry.  Pray as she searches for a place to live and a car.   

Honduran Fellowship General Assembly (pictures)

This year, we combined the General Assembly meeting with a Thanksgiving Potluck.  It was a great time of fellowship as well as learning what is in the future for the Honduran Fellowship and voting in new board members.  I was able to share on ‘Who Does What’ in our office, not only so that members will know who to contact for what, but also so that they know what services are available to them. 


Women of Purpose  

Missionary friends from La Moskitia

Missionaries being revived

Vision Consultation  

Mapping out who God has called her to be and what God has called her to do.

Walking alongside the forgotten and abandoned as they journey towards hope and wholeness. 

Honduran Fellowship General Assembly  

Having fun before the meeting

We may be conspiring something

Sharing on who to contact for what

Honduran Fellowship Staff


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