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Missionary Scouting cont…

Missionary Care

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Missionary Scouting cont… (pictures)

Darrell did not finish his missionary scouting trip, but returned to talk with missionaries he is interested in working with.  The four of us had a meeting to work on how they could go forward from here (ministry growth, legal obligations, job descriptions, fundraising, etc.)  I gave my recommendations.  Pray that God will knit their hearts together and provide direction every step of the way.    

Missionary Care

A missionary who is in the process of opening an account for her NGO stayed overnight.  It turns out that the family has been thinking of moving to the Tegucigalpa area.  She was able to see my landlady’s house that will be available for rent in January and is considering moving in March.  Pray for the details to be worked out.  I believe this is a divine connection for this missionary family and my landlady with even some ministry opportunities (for my landlady to be a grandmother to abandoned babies).   

Missionary Coaching     

I met with a missionary for vision mapping.  She has a very clear ministry vision and plan.  I have been helping connect her with ministries that have a similar vision and suggest contacts for temporary or permanent living arrangements.  Pray her personal vision becomes clear. 

Thanksgiving (pictures)

We experienced 3 different Thanksgiving events this year.  First was the HFMM regional Thanksgiving get together.  We met in Tegucigalpa and all brought food to share.  I took the opportunity to go from table to table to meet new missionaries I did not know and catch up with those I have not seen in awhile.  Second, we had a Thanksgiving potluck after our English speaking church service.  Third, we went to a missionary friend’s house on the actual day.   

Help Needed

We are looking for someone to handle our newsletter.  I would send it in a PDF, it needs to be printed or brought/sent somewhere to be printed, and it is mailed out quarterly (end of March/beginning of April; end of June/beginning of July; end of September/beginning of October; and end of December/beginning of January).  If you are interested, please send me an email.  Otherwise, we will move to sending them as a PDF. 


Missionary Scouting cont...  

Finding a ministry to work with
Thanksgiving (HFMM Region #6)  


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