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Marcy's Journal


Recruiting Trip

Equipping Children’s Workers

Women of Purpose 2016

Body of Christ Fellowship Thanksgiving

Honduran Fellowship Thanksgiving


Recruiting Trip (pictures)

Kjell and his colleague Jason went to the States on a recruiting trip for future teachers for IST (International School of Tegucigalpa).  They drove over 2,200 miles visiting 8 colleges and met lots of potential prospects for teachers as well as made connections for tips on recruiting (such as conducting an initial interview on site).  They also found a place to visit and stay in Panama! 

Equipping Children’s Workers (pictures)

A couple, Jim and Helen Krechnyak from Keystone Life Building Ministries came to minister with friends of mine:  ministering to children and training nationals in children’s ministry and asked if the Honduran Fellowship would be interested in hosting training for missionaries that work with children.  So, we set up a two day seminar.   Their title was ‘Putting a Face on Children’s Ministry’ and that FACE included:  instilling faith in the child, relying on God’s anointing, tapping into God’s creativity, and encouraging children.  Missionaries walked about not only encouraged, but with a clear outline on creating a lesson, as well as many ideas that had jump-started their creativity.   

Women of Purpose 2016 (pictures)

Every year Women of Purpose Sisterhood Revive comes to Honduras to provide a retreat for missionary women.  These four days include pampering and gifts, teaching and prayer clusters, and fellowship with missionary women from all over the country.  Two missionaries from La Moskitia stayed for a couple days after the retreat (flights out to the jungle are only Mon/Wed/Fri).  We call this our ‘post retreat.’   

Body of Christ Fellowship Thanksgiving (pictures)

We celebrated our first holiday together as Body of Christ Fellowship.  We transformed the living room and fit on three long tables.  We shared our Thanksgiving traditional foods and had most of them there.   

Honduran Fellowship Thanksgiving

The Saturday after Thanksgiving, the Honduran Fellowship hosted their dinner.  This is usually a ‘work’ day for me, to meet missionaries in our region that I don’t know and reconnect with ones I do.  However, we had a lot of ‘no-shows’ (which is really unusual for a gringo – white – crowd).  So, I was able to just enjoy and get caught up with friends.


Recruiting Trip  

Teach at IST!

Equipping Children's Workers  

Getting a jump-start on teaching ideas.

Women of Purpose 2016  

Fun with friends.

Fun in Valle.

Body of Christ Fellowship Thanksgiving  

Great feast and fellowship

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