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Marcy's Journal


Singles Retreat

Living Your Strengths

Missionary Day Apart

Iron Sharpens Iron

Vision Mapping Consultation


Singles Retreat (pictures)

The Honduran Fellowship hosted its first ever Singles Mini Retreat.  This was our experiment to learn what type of needs singles have, what they like and do not like at retreats, what type of interest there is and how far people would travel.   Everyone had a great time.  We will be planning more singles events in the future.


Living Your Strengths (pictures)

The Honduran Fellowship hosted its first Living Your Strengths workshops.  Both were a huge success (in Tegucigalpa and Siguatepeque).  It was a great time for missionaries to get to know themselves, especially their talents, knowledge, skills, and experience and how that relates and affects their purpose, vision, roles, and callings.  There were so many good questions to focus someone towards what God is calling them to do:

  • What energizes you?
  • What do you look forward to?
  • What do you learn fast?
  • What are your spontaneous reactions?
  • What are you inquisitive about?
  • What comes naturally to you?
  • What brings you satisfaction?

     Additionally, we addressed the shadows (lesser strengths) and how to handle issues that arise.  Some are within our control to do something about, some we may be able to have influence in with teachable people, and other issues are just concerns because they are outside of our control and are not our call.   

    Missionaries were able to get to know each other as well and some missionaries will be starting small groups using the materials (videos and activities).   For me personally, I will be using a lot of the information to conduct vision mapping consultations, using the strengths list of adjectives to help with the vision statements and using the concept of roles and how they change which is what I call missions. 

     Right now, the best role that fits me right now is coach.  What I’m praying for right now are teachable people – the people that will benefit, learn and grow from my calling. 

     I highly recommend the StrengthsFinder test (Gallup) as well as attending a Living Your Strengths Workshop in your area or inviting Baha Habashy to speak at your church, group, business, etc. 


Missionary Day Apart (pictures)

Chuck Price from Canada returned to Honduras this year and offered the 2nd annual Missionary Day Apart.  The most amazing thing for me is this one picture (below).  It is the essence of the Honduran Fellowship - unifying the work of the kingdom in Honduras. I am so excited and ecstatic to see this unity happening. There is one guest minister with team members hosted by 1 ministry, Schools of Hope, and shared among 3 other ministries:  Shekinah Ministries (preaching in the prisons), World Gospel Outreach (preaching to pastors), and the Honduran Fellowship (preaching to missionaries).  And all of the missionaries are part of the Honduran Fellowship.  This truly is amazing!

     At the Missionary Day Apart, we learned about developing vision, lessons learned from ministry, styles of leadership, and to stop working for God and work WITH God.  We played games, won prizes, and enjoyed worship as well as fellowship throughout the day.  It was fun to be able to sing on worship team.  I also gave a word on not vacilating between staying in Honduras and going.  From the hymn, whose words ring, "No turning back..." it was time for some missionaries to make a firm decision to not turn back on the physical location or call of God on their lives.

Here are some testimonies from the day.

  • “I had an awesome day today at the Missionary Day Apart.  I'm so glad I got to meet so many of you face-to-face at last.  I definitely feel refreshed, filled, encouraged, and challenged.  I felt like so much of what was spoken about today was just for me.”
  • “I really enjoyed today. The messages resonated with my spirit.”

Iron Sharpens Iron (pictures)

We started a bible study for missionaries in our area.  We meet every Thursday night at our house.  We have invited around 12 people, but consistently have around 6.  We have both North Americans and Hondurans.  We are studying Paul's letters to the churches in chronological order so we have begun with his letter to the Galatians.    The last Thursday night of the month, we have a worship night.  A missionary made Jeremiah his own rain stick and he and Katarina participated with us in a night of worship and prayer.         
Vision Mapping Consultation (pictures)

Every time I do a vision consultation, I learn more about the person as well as about God and what amazing parts of Himself He wants to reveal to us. What character God has.  What amazing love God has.  I was with a missionary, Jennifer, who revealed a welcoming Father Who wants to make us feel like we belong.  That is cool.


Singles Retreat  

Singles Event

Living Your Strengths  

Baha Habashy

Enjoy your work?

Picking your role

Sharing strengths

Missionary Day Apart  

Unifying the work of the kingdom

Singing on the worship team

Worshipping in spirit and in truth

Fun games

Some competitive missionaries

Chuck Price on 'Developing your Vision'

Pastor Stephen on 'Leadership Styles'

Iron Sharpens Iron  

Jeremiah opens us in prayer

Worship night (Jer with his new rain stick)

Ready for some worship?

When I am with You... everything else fades away...

Vision Mapping Consultation  

Mapping out who God called her to be and what God has called her to do.


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