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Missionary Scouting cont…

Exit Strategy

Hellos and Goodbyes

Fall Missionary Retreat

Giving Tuesday

HOPE Coffee Announcement

Missionary Scouting cont… (pictures)

Darrell’s first stop was at the Care Center for pre-field work:  scouting booklet, vision mapping, expectations, and assessments.  It was great to hear his testimony and also how he sold his house and cars and had a yard sale and here he was on a scouting trip – not knowing yet exactly where God wanted Him, but knew it was Central America.  He stayed at 5 different ministries during October.  During that time, I planned out more ministries for him to visit in November.  After his visits, I sent a survey to the missionaries he stayed with which included the missionary scouting experience as well as questions about how Darrell was adjusting to culture, how he worked with the ministry, and if they felt he was a good fit for Honduras.

     In between months, Darrell was back at the Care Center to do a ministry comparison and debrief.  So far, between survey results from missionaries and Darrell’s debrief, it has been a great way to get to know the ministries we serve as well as bring clarity to what Darrell is being called to do.      

Exit Strategy (pictures)

Six missionaries (some individuals, some families) that I know of are leaving Honduras and returning to the States in the next few months.  Another missionary family is taking a new assignment in a new country.  I have sent them exit strategy packets (list of how to prepare to leave emotionally and physically) and debrief questions (telling and processing the story of their time in Honduras). I met with one missionary to map out her lasts over the next two months and go over items to remember before leaving.  Since it can be so overwhelming, I encouraged her to just handle it ‘one thing at a time.’  I strongly encouraged all the missionaries to attend a debriefing in the States as well.  There are a few programs to pick from (PA, CO, NC).

       Some are on top of their plan and others are avoiding making one.  One missionary was frustrated that it takes months to receive residency and turning in the card and cancelling takes one day.  We joked about taking pictures and throwing a party at immigration to make more of a deal about saying ‘goodbye’ to the residency card.  I guess if missionaries want a ‘souvenir’ from Honduras, they can keep their driver’s license (if they even got it).   

Hellos and Goodbyes (pictures)   

Hellos and goodbyes are common in the missionary world.  It might be a generational difference:  a generation ago people grew up and stayed in the State they were born in and kept the same job, whereas today people move from State to State and take better jobs as they are offered.  This affects the missionary world since generations ago; missionaries were ‘lifers’ (they expected to stay on the field and the same field for their entire missionary career).  Nowadays, people move as the Spirit leads them and unfortunately some move because the going gets tough or scary.     

     Moving, for whatever reason, causes a lot of hellos and goodbyes, which includes its share of loss and grief.  Pray missionaries would say ‘good-bye’ well so they can say ‘hello’ well in their next place.  Pray for their reentry.  Pray missionaries who say ‘good-bye’ to a lot of their friends on the field would be able to embrace and befriend the new missionaries who come. 

Fall Missionary Retreat

I went to a missionary retreat in Siguatepeque hosted by a different ministry.  They had speaker that was a missionary to Africa for 20+ years who does ministry coaching and is just starting missionary care for an organization.   The topics were great and I was able to learn some about coaching and some programs available.  I was also able to meet a lot of missionaries from all over Honduras that are not part of the Fellowship or that I just hadn’t met before. 

Giving Tuesday

Black Friday.  Cyber Monday.  #GivingTuesday!
We have a day for giving thanks!  This is a time that folks focus on getting “deals,” but let’s not forget how blessed with have been!  #GivingTuesday is a day to remember and give back!

     On Tuesday, December 1, 2015, people around the world will come together for one common purpose: to celebrate generosity and to give.  It’s a simple idea. Just find a way for your family, your community, your company or your organization to come together to give something more.  Then tell everyone you can about how you are giving.    Watch the #GivingTuesday Video to learn more:  Giving Tuesday    

     Stay tuned.  At Answer the Call Ministries we are thinking of a campaign for stopping our roof from leaking when it rains which in turn will bless our landlady. 

HOPE CoffeeAnnouncement (pictures)

Did you know that you can support Answer the Call Ministries by buying coffee?  And right now, in addition to the regular store items, HOPE coffee is announcing a special pre-order event from Monday, October 5th through Friday, November 13th for HOPE Coffee Single Serve CupsRead about HOPE Coffee at this link and don’t forget to type in 620621 Fenn so 6% of your order goes to missions.


Missionary Scouting  

Ready to visit ministries

Serving at ministries


Creating the itinerary

Exit Strategy  


Exit Strategy and Debrief form

Hellos & Goodbyes  

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