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Marcy's Journal


ATC TCC is Open

Missionary Care

ATC TCC is Open (pictures)

We are preparing our basement to be the Answer the Call Training and Care Center housing. 

Equip.  Coach.  Restore. 

Purposes of the housing include:

  • Missionaries who need care (training, counsel, assessment, loss and grief, self care help, vision mapping, fellowship, etc.).
  • Missionaries who need general debriefing (change in ministry or leaving the country) as well as crisis care debriefing.
  • Missionaries who need a place to stay before or after an event or for residency.
  • Missionaries who need a getaway/vacation.
  • 1 Month Missionary Training (looking to open July of 2015 and then offer two months annually, July and January). 
  • Individuals, couples, or families in the process of adopting a Honduran child.

      Our calendar already has a couple of ‘stays’ booked (click here for calendar).     

      Actual cost per month to run the ATC TCC will vary depending on how many are staying, length of stay, transportation, and possible meals.  I am charging a bare minimum to cover electricity.     

     We need an increase in general monthly support as well as  support for the care center:  furnishings and appliances for the apartment as well as scholarships for those in need (such as for intervention and crisis care).   

Missionary Care (pictures)

Our tenant moved out and I barely had the basement set up when a missionary came for care.  Here for two days, we covered loss and grief, expectations, new missionary booklet, change/transition, managing stress/self care, vision, etc.  I challenged her to give 100% for one month before making any decision to move back to the States.

       Just today, I found out that, “My sleeping and eating patterns have returned to normal. Thank goodness!  Right now I am almost certain I will stay in Honduras.”

       It is great to see she is back on her way to answer the call of God on her life.   

     One of the missionaries that I did a crisis debriefing with last spring has returned in country and was experiencing some fear when taking taxis.  I sent some verses that I suggested she writ on index cards and sent her some known and ‘safe’ taxi contacts.  She made the index cards a Saturday afternoon project and sent me a picture (see below).

       For donations specifically to this project (Care Center), write ‘Project CARE’ in the memo (with our number 349).


Supporting our ministry is easy and gifts are tax deductible.  The fastest way is to make an Online Donation via and select our name.  You can also set-up automatic monthly gifts if you select the “Monthly” option. 

Or simply mail your gift toWorld Outreach Ministries, PO Box B, Marietta, GA 30061 and designate it for Kjell & Marcy Fenn #349.

NOTE:  There is a small fee for online giving (credit or debit card).


Care Center

Missionary Care  

Working through activites

Quiet time downtown

Verses to combat fear


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