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Missionary Scouting

Running Out Of Water

Care Center Guests


Resource Brokering

HOPE Coffee Announcement

Missionary Scouting (pictures)

The Honduran Fellowship received a couple of requests on becoming a missionary in Honduras while I was away in August.  So, we decided since we were now getting requests from people we did not know (and did not know a missionary in country) we should have an initial email, application, reference forms, and assessments and make this a formal process. 

     Once in place and requested information was returned, I began to plan a trip for a person coming for 2 ½ months to visit missionaries/ministries and see if Honduras is where God is calling him.  His first stop will be the Care Center for pre-field work:  scouting booklet, vision mapping, expectations, and assessments.  Then, he will stay at different ministries for around a week at a time (mas or menos, more or less).  We will debrief after his first month and at the end of the trip. 


Running Out of Water (pictures)

Honduras is going on their second year of drought.  I had Kjell check the cistern to make sure enough water was coming in (since it only comes to the house on Fridays).  Sure enough it was full.  However, the gardener hit a pipe when he was cutting the grass with his machete.  Unknown to us, water was leaking out and sure enough our cistern was empty one morning.  We only noticed since we woke up to the sound of the pump running and running (trying to pump water out that wasn’t there).  Our rental agreement says if we run out of water we have to pay to have it delivered.  However, our landlady allowed us to hose in some water from some extra tanks on her property.  This gave us enough water to make it until Friday (when water would come in again). 


Care Center Guests

We had unexpected guest at the Care Center for one night.  A missionary and a Honduran couple were in Tegucigalpa to get paperwork and a license plate for a new vehicle and it did not get done in one day.  Since they live 5 hours outside of Tegucigalpa, they needed somewhere to stay (they actually live at the complex we were initially at in 2008 in Yamaranguilla).  So, they were able to stay here and get a good night’s sleep before heading back to the office early the next morning. 


I’ve been working with some business women and missionaries in their next steps (in business/ministry).  Timing is always an interesting concept in walking out the call of God on your life.  We have revisited vision mapping and considered duplicating efforts.  One sent me am message saying, “… thanks for all that you do to help me and others keep focused on what God has set us apart to do.”  It’s really just a process of finding out ‘who’ they are, asking the right questions, and providing options.  They still have to go to God for the ultimate direction.

Resource Brokering (pictures)

One of the things I do, whether on the phone, through an email, on a Facebook group or page, or in creating a file, is provide information.  This could be questions about a dentist or doctor or psychologist or how to renew a Honduran license or a sample form for permission to leave the country with only one parent.  The Honduran Fellowship has included these files on a new section of the website where members can log in and access them and we have completed the New Member Handbook.  Now all I have to do is remember what page or what the document name is and pass missionaries along to this information.  It won’t eliminate all the questions or updates to the files, but it will cut down on the most commonly asked questions. 

HOPE Coffee Announcement

Did you know that you can support Answer the Call Ministries by buying coffee?  And right now, in addition to the regular store items, HOPE coffee is announcing a special pre-order event from Monday, October 5th through Friday, November 13th for HOPE Coffee Single Serve CupsRead about HOPE Coffee at this link and don’t forget to type in 620621 Fenn so 6% of your order goes to missions.


Missionary Scouting  


Creating a scouting trip

Running Out of Water  


                                            Extra tank                               Cistern under the porch                              Full of water

Resource Brokering  

New HFMM Membership Handook

New member only login area to files

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