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Marcy's Journal


Called to Rescue

Three Wednesdays

Senior Breakfast

Cultural Adjustment IST

College Visitors



Called to Rescue (pictures)

A missionary, Gracie, provided training for our missionary care staff on abuse prevention and reporting.  This will help me research and write policies for the Honduran Fellowship and equip us to help Hondurans, missionaries, and those who the missionaries serve.  Everyone in Honduras is a mandatory reporter for violence, abuse, and neglect.  This includes reporting Hondurans as well as foreigners (missionaries, humanitarian workers, team members, etc.).  If someone knows of domestic violence, abuse, or neglect and does not report it, and it comes to the light that they knew, they could be charged the same jail sentence as the perpetrator.   Gracie is starting a video campaign to create awareness.  Watch a message from Gracie and/or campaign video.  You too can be a hero!  You can even win a trip to Honduras with the most referrals.

Three Wednesdays

Missionaries that were struggling contacted me and I offered some assessments and a list of topics we could cover.  We met for three Wednesdays to cover Stress Management and Self Care, Conflict Resolution, and Expectations.  I had them watch the Change/Transition videos since they were still in year one of being here.  We came up with an action plan for their first year on the field and steps for year two. 

Senior Breakfast (pictures)      

Every month the seniors have an event and even though we already had a senior go through the international school customs, it seems that International School (due to having more students) is taking things to a whole new level.  I spent time watching YouTube videos and experimenting with hair-dos and make-up for Mikayla as her friends were mentioning going to the salon in the morning.  After all the pictures were said and done, the IST breakfast made it into the social section of some magazines, videos, and newspapers.  Mikayla’s name was in a magazine under another student’s picture, but they got both her picture and name correct in the newspaper.  She’s famous!  Kjell, as Superintendent, spoke at the event as well as flashed his 'Proud Parent of a Senior' t-shirt. 


Cultural Adjustment for Multi-Cultural School Staff (pictures)

I was asked to go through the cultural value differences of Latin and North American cultures with the staff at International School of Tegucigalpa (about 120 people!).  I ended up spending a week researching the values in how they affect the classroom and working environment.  I found a new activity and questions to reflect on after each value difference.   


College Visitors (pictures)

Calvin College has a semester abroad program in the fall and spring in Honduras.  The students stay in host homes in Santa Lucia.  Two of Katarina’s friends have stopped by for dinner a couple of times and church and some others have joined them at church.  Pray for opportunities we can reach out to them and a possible Run the Race vision mapping Seminar here at the house.


Called to Rescue  

We are called to rescue

Law & reporting

Senior Breakfast  

Mik with her daddy

Very fashionable


"I'm not just the Superintendent, I'm also a proud parent."

Cultural Adjustment IST  

Cultures are organized around values.

Understanding and appreciating another culture

College Visitors  


Body of Christ Fellowship

Pizza Night

Body of Christ Fellowship

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