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Marcy's Journal



Babies are Toddlers Now

Moved to Santa Lucia

Seeds of Change


Babies are Toddlers Now (see pictures)

A lot of protests/strikes have been happening in the country, some by teachers and some by other groups.  Last Wednesday was a Nation-wide strike and so school was cancelled.  The girls decided that they wanted to see the babies – who are all now toddlers (ages 2-4), for one last time before we moved.  We called to see if we could join in (participate and help) with Amy’s afternoon class. 

     Amy read a story in English, we sang one song, and then worked on a craft (stringing fruit loops).  The craft was very good for developing fine motor skills as well as reinforcing the day’s theme of colors (specifically green).  It was amazing to see the difference in development even in children that are only one year apart. 


Moved to Santa Lucia (see pictures)

The move is final!  So many details had to come together before the final move.  And even though it seemed like some things might not happen, everything worked out and in time!  We gave away the chickens.  We sold the truck because it was not going more than 30 mph and we did not know how we were going to get it to Santa Lucia (we still have the car).  We sold the motorcycle.  We returned the water business (we sold 5 gallon jugs of water).  We gave away most of the cabinets we were using for bureaus (dressers) since we have closets now with shelves and some have built in bureaus. 

    The day before we were moving, we had a punctured tire on a borrowed truck and people get sick, but in the end we got everything that was left to be moved, moved in one day.  If it wasn’t for Kjell and friends of ours making some trips throughout the month, this would never have been possible.    We praise God for this new house and all its many blessings (scenic view, tubs, hot water heater, nice weather, etc.).  Sometimes the ‘little’ things are such a blessing.


Seeds of Change (see pictures)

On Thursday, Marcy joined missionary friends Dan and Bonnie, to go help Leonie (missionary midwife of Seeds of Change Ministries -  Through many deliveries (delivering of babies), Leonie has come to know this little neighborhood in Valley of Angels.  Some families only make $1 a day.  Maybe they grow crops and so they only have money when they sell.  Some have to resort to selling drugs for an income.  Many children go without food.  Leonie goes on Thursdays to give them food.  This ministry also assists family in adoption.  According to some statistics, IF 2% of Christians, adopted 1 child, THEN there would not be any orphans! 

Babies Are Toddlers Now  

Amy reading to the group (Kevin)

Active Listeners (Mikayla, Rebekah, Katarina too)

Rebekah helping with the fruit loop necklace

Mikayla and Katarina too!

Move to Santa Lucia  

View from our top porch.

Our house is on a main road, but this is the side road (our house is on the right)

Downtown Santa Lucia

Pond in town

Seeds of Change  

School Escojido (Hidden)

Few classes, but no running water

Bonnie and Leonie serve the food

Pancakes and watermelon

Eating some healthy food

I think he had a total of 11 pancakes!


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