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August Team

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August Team (see pictures)

A team from Alabama came in a few days after our return from the USA to work with Luis Sorto (Love Without Boundaries).  

     Most of the people on the team were also here this past February.  Last Saturday, we met with them in the morning to help bag food.  A bag of food typically contains a bag of beans, rice, spaghetti, tomato paste, shortening, and this time even had a packet of sugar).  They will be given to people in Zambrano and neighboring mountain villages that the team ministers in.  That afternoon, we helped give away hot dogs and juice after the Saturday classes.    

     This team went to two new areas:  El Tablon and Los Reconcos.  The first, El Tablon, is a another mountain area.  The girls went with the team (and helped give stickers and candy as well as to translate for the team).  Jeremiah and I did not fit in the vehicles.  The second, Los Reconcos, is a barrio (or neighborhood) in San Francisco.  We all fit for this afternoon adventure.     

     Wednesday night, the team held a Celebration Service.  They were celebrating that the concha (cement soccer field with roof) was paid in full (no more debt).  The service began with some Jewish praise music (in Spanish), burning of the ‘paid in full’ note, and ministry time that lasted more than 2 hours as people kept coming for prayer.     

     This team brought over 100 pairs of reading glasses.  On Saturday, at the bible classes, we helped as people tried on the glasses.  First we had them read something.  Then, we had them read with the lowest strength glasses, working our way higher if needed.  Most of the people just needed a little magnification to read better or without squinting.  A few could not even read until the glasses magnified the letters greatly.  For the older ladies, this did not surprise me.  However, there was a younger girl, who was very nervous and shaking when she read, who also needed a higher magnification.  She was so glad and thankful though, to finally be able to see well enough to read.  I’m glad she overcame her fear and embarrassment.  She read great.  For those who couldn’t read, but needed help seeing their thread and needle, we used Mikayla’s necklace to see if they could clip and unclip it.  I had to remind them to only use the reading glasses for reading or sewing so that they would not make their eyes any worse. 

Schedule Your Team

I was looking over Kjell’s Discovery School schedule for the upcoming 2010-2011 school year.  Here are the dates open for teams when Kjell will not be teaching: 

School Break


Winter break 2010-2011

December 26/27-January 3

Spring break 2011

April 15-25

Summer break 2011

June 10-August 1st

     Teams can still come at other times during the year because I (Marcy) am available.  Kjell also has other times of the year where he has one day or three days off and they coordinate with a weekend (February 18-21, September 11-15, November 25-28).  Just add days before or after those dates to make a week or 10 day visit.  Keep in mind that dry season is from November to April and rainy season is from May to October.   

Construction?  Ministry?  Children?  Adults?  What are the talents of your team?

NOTE:  Groups must contain 5 or more people and preferably not more than 10.

COSTS:  Passport, airfare, $55/day (includes 3 meals, accommodations, transportation), $100 (divided by team members for gas ONLY if flying in and out of San Pedro Sula), project money (divided by team members and/or raised through fundraisers), $40 per person exit tax, and spending money.    


Secundino, Luis, Santo

Los Roconcos, San Fransisco

Team ministering to the children

Handing out food

Kids being kids - playing together

Reading Glasses

Kjell holds a baby while the mom (Neri) tries to fasten a necklace using reading glasses.

Trying different glasses

Maribel reading a lot easier.




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