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Pastoral/Leadership Conference

Padre Nuestro (Our Father)



Sing A Song

Helping Give

Pastoral/Leadership Conference (see pictures)

     Two ministries, Manos Extenditos (Extended Hands) and Escuelas de Esperanza (Schools of Hope), held a Honduran Pastoral/Leadership Retreat December 4-7.  I was asked to sing with a missionary friend who led worship in Spanish. I also had to create 8 PowerPoint sets for worship the night before the conference.  We used to work with the translator they picked for the conference (Luis Sorto from Zambrano)!  They had some great times of worship.  Also, last minute, I was invited to lead one of the morning devotionals and shared on how the kindness of God appeared to us - love so strong it broke through the spiritual into the natural - God in flesh, Jesus (Titus 3:3-6). 

     Best part was helping this worship leader live her dream (first time ever to lead worship at a conference) and teaching her how to use PowerPoint so she can be ready in the future!

Padre Nuestro (Our Father) (see pictures)

     Kjell was invited to preach, by one of the maintenance men at Discovery school, at a youth group meeting in Valley of Angels last Saturday.  He took a long, bumpy, road out to Padre Nuestro (Our Father) church in Cerro Grande.  He taught on that God has engraved them into the palm of His hand (Is. 49:16) in Spanish.  There were about 10 youth and 20 adults.  They gave Kjell and Mikayla dinner and Kjell a gift (pottery pencil holder with basin for paperclips).


Sing A Song (see pictures)

     December marked a time of many concerts.  First, the Discovery School Choir (Katarina and Mikayla) were part of a Christmas Festival of Bilingual Schools.  They won first place for mixed choir (meaning the choir had elementary and secondary students).  Second, they sang at a mall, a mini-Christmas concert.  Unfortunately, since the sound was not that good and the mall was so loud, it was hard to hear them.

     Discovery School has an event called ‘Songfest’ the last day of school.  Usually the homerooms decide what they are doing on their own (singing, dance, etc.), but this year they almost all picked a theme song from a movie or musical.  Mikayla’s class sand and did chohreography to ‘We Go Together’ from Grease.  Rebekah’s class performed, ‘Hakuna Matata’ from Lion King.  Jeremiah’s class performed ‘Honor to Us All’ from Mulan. 

Helping Give (see pictures)

     Schools of Hope ( (Randy and Judy) help provide a future for children at public schools in Tegucigalpa. This Christmas, the children that were sponsored throughout the school year (uniforms, supplies, etc.) also received a gift from their sponsors. Since Randy and Judy had to go back to Canada, they asked if we would help.  We helped pick up gifts, bringing them from the store to the office.  Victor and Maryory (Honduran employees) did a great job shopping and organizing.  On another day, Mikayla and Rebekah helped me wrap gifts.  And then I took Jeremiah with me to deliver and hand out gifts.

Pastoral/Leadership Conference

Randy and Judy of Schools of Hope

Translator, Luis and minister Chuck Price

Marcy singing and playing 'drum' with Kathy leading

Worship in Spanish

Worship in Spirit and in Truth

Responding to a call to be 'giant slayers'

Marcy's devotional on how the love of God appeared

All the pastors and leaders

Padre Nuestro (Our Father)

Kjell gives a message in Cerro Grande

All in Spanish!

Sing A Song


Christmas Festival of Bilingual Schools, Discovery School Choir

Mikayla and Katarina singing


Finale with all the choirs

First place for mixed choir (children and youth)

Katarina and Mikayla

Discovery School sings at the Mall

Jeremiah on Songfest (little Chinese boy)

Rebekah on Songfest (Cheetah)

Discovery School Choir

‘Hakuna Matata’ from Lion King

‘We Go Together’ from Grease

‘Honor to Us All’ from Mulan

Helping Give

Mikayla, Rebekah, and Marcy wrap gifts

Caught Marjory playing with a gift while Victor wraps.

First, we loaded the back of another ministry's van

But we still needed the back and seat of our truck!

Sorting gifts by grade at the school

Victor talks to the parents

Jeremiah took gift giving very seriously

And he kept saying, 'Feliz Navidad' to all the kids.

That's a lot of kids sponsored to go to school

And it might be their only gift.

Big truck

'We could do these together'

All opened

School of Hope in Tegucigalpa


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