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February Team

First Translated Salvation


Teacher Conference



New President

English Classes Begin


New President

It’s been a rocky road for Honduras politically since June of last year, when ex-President Mel Zelaya tried to take over the world (I mean, take over Honduras and stay in power indefinitely).  Praise God that Honduras followed their constitution and ‘stuck to their guns’ so to speak.  They followed the constitution in spite of the lies in the media all over the world, in spite of international pressure, in spite of dangerous protests (burning tires, garbage, and destroying of businesses), and in spite of stops to commerce, trade, and international funds.  

     However, on January 27th, 2010, a new President was sworn into office:  Porfirio Lobo (also known as Pepe).  We watched the service on TV and were pleased to find out all was peaceful during the day.  Please continue to pray for the government. 

English Classes Begin

The first week of February all of our English classes began.   Kjell started a Sunday evening, level 4 class.  I started a Monday night, level 1, and a Tuesday night, level 2, class.  I was unable to continue English classes for the kids and they are all asking for it.  It just wasn’t possible at this time to juggle home school, teaching at the rehabilitation center, the two adult classes, as well as children’s classes.   

Teacher Conference

Last Thursday, Kjell left for San Pedro Sula with other colleagues at Discovery school, to present at the Annual Teachers teaching Teachers Conference.  This year, he stayed in the same hotel, but the conference was hosted at a local school.  Kjell presented two sessions on ‘Prior Knowledge.’ 

     Riding in the van together and eating out together, Kjell was able to listen to a lot of Spanish over the weekend.  He returned home Saturday evening. 

February Team (see pictures)

A team was here from Alabama (one team member from Florida) from different churches.  Their emphasis was ministry.  They arrived last Thursday.  On Friday they purchased and began bagging food (for food giveaway) and had a women’s conference.  On Saturday morning they went to El Espino, ministered and gave away food at a home out there.  Saturday afternoon they ministered in Zambrano (at New Generation Coliseo) and also feed over 300 people spaghetti!     On Sunday, we went with them to Las Botijas, came home, and then went to La Protección that night. 

    In Botijas, Henry has been going up there with his family, when he can, to have church.  Property has been purchased and there are plans for a church building.  During this service, Jeremiah was collecting pine needles and making piles of them with a Honduran man and some kids.  Kjell translated while one of the team lead a woman to Christ.  That night, in Protección we had a meeting in an already established church.  Before service, we had some yummy bread and coffee.  Tuesday the team went to San Francisco in the morning (to a community center in town) followed by an afternoon service in Zambrano.  Each time was a service and then food give away.      

    On Wednesday, they ministered at the Rehabilitation Center in the morning and then went to the children’s and babies’ homes.  That afternoon, they ministered at another church in Zambrano and then had an evening meeting for couples.  I still had my classes in the afternoon at the Rehabilitation Center, but Kjell and I went to the couple’s meeting that night.       I did not keep a count of how many people got saved or how many people got healed.  All I know is that there are more people going to heaven, more people able to move better, and many people were touched by the Holy Spirit in a way they may have never experienced. 

    My absolute favorite part was when some of my friends, Honduran ladies and couples, were helping with the cooking, helping during services, and helping up in the mountains.  When someone can go from being a receiver of the handouts and change to putting other’s first and serving their own people - that is awesome.  And they feel useful and important and good about themselves.      

    There are pictures under ‘What We Do’ that show what Kjell and I do on a regular basis, but I hadn’t had any team pictures in a while.  To people who follow this journal, the pictures may look the same, but I realized that many new people come to the website and did not ‘see’ any team pictures.  Also, I wanted to plant seeds for YOU to come!  Consider coming with and/or coordinating a team.       What would you do?  Or What could you do?

  • Children or youth ministry (at New Generation Coliseo in Zambrano, in the mountains, nearby baby and children’s home).
  • Adult ministry (Zambrano, in the mountains, Rehabilitation Center).  This could be services, seminars, one day/night or multiple days/nights (ladies, men, couples, singles, all, leadership).
  • Feeding (purchase, bag, and give away food and/or cooking at a location).
  • Skills Classes (English intensive, cooking, sewing, woodworking, leather, etc.) (purchase of materials and/or tools may be necessary).
  • Sports clinics (soccer, basketball).  From children to adults, they like to play, however they do not necessarily have the skills or know how to practice and improve their game.  Dance (for children or youth). 
  • Brigades (medical, dental, health classes, exercise, etc.)
  • Construction (various projects in Zambrano, in the mountains, and possibly a daycare in Tegucigalpa).

     Contact me to schedule a team!

First Translated Salvation (Kjell)

When we were in Las Botijas, one of the members from the team, Dwight, asked me if I could translate for him.  He had seen a woman standing afar off, watching the service and he felt the Spirit telling him that she was ready to hear the good news of Christ.  So, off we went. I stumbled through some of the words, but was able to translate the message so that she recieved Christ.  What an awesome experience!  Praise God!


Robin and I did some worship before class.  I was learning some new songs!

Saturday afternoon classes.

Carolina's class of children (under 9 years old)

Soccer and basketball before and after classes.

Getting ready to work hard!

Making the spaghetti sauce

Mayra, Wendy, Maribel, Mikayla

Time to put the spaghetti in

Geansie, Annette, Katarina, P. Davis, Kjell

Setting up the table, pouring lemonade

Maribel, Wendy, Rebekah

That is a lot of spaghetti!

Maribel, Wendy, Dina

Ready to serve.

Finding a place to sit.

Enjoying spaghetti.

Driving to Las Botijas

Little bit of dirt!

Dina and Henry (called to Las Botijas)


Message of hope.

Jeremiah spent his time collecting pine needles.

Greatful for the food (spiritual and physical)

Another mountain village - La Proteccion.

Walk up and around to the church.

Evening service.


Back at the Coliseo in Zambrano.

Message of love.

Who wants to be used of God?




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