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Run the Race for World Racers

Ready In Season…

Run the Race for World Racers (see pictures)

January 30th marked our 5 year anniversary of being in Honduras.  And there is no better way to celebrate than by teaching a ‘Run the Race’ Seminar.  This was for a group of 40+ World Racers (missionaries going to 11 countries in 11 months).   A neighboring school (literally 5 minutes from Zion’s Gate property) graciously offered us the use of their room for the seminar.  I showed up early to set up, however, no one arrived until about 10 minutes before my start time (I am now always mentally prepared for this type of thing and have become flexible enough to ‘roll with it’).  Tony asked a few World Racers to come help me set up and we crammed 40+ desks into this dust covered room.  School runs Feb-Nov, so the classes have been empty for months with only bars on the windows.  I was just grateful to have a room!  I set up the computer and projector and passed out materials. 

     We had to organize our activities outside to have room and I gave out candy at the break (that was devoured).  A first ever – some of the guys took a candy lid and used it as a Frisbee (the lid is square, but worked)!  Lots of the World Racers thanked me for the candy, some even thanked me for coming, and I had some good conversations with people as they left.  Three Racers even prayed over me.  Here is some of what they found most beneficial (there were over 40 responses, so I condensed):

  • Hands on dream realization activities
  • I loved all the examples given from your own life.
  • Letting God stir in my soul what He has for me.  It’s easy to become overwhelmed.  This seminar has been very encouraging. 
  • Taking all of the stoppers and opening of a clearer future to my passion/joy.
  • Learning about dreams and vision, specifically what happens if we have no vision in our lives…very motivating.
  • Stepping into the truth of who I am in Christ and taking my A.D.D. scattered passions and helping me focus them.
  • Looking at your dreams for a common theme.
  • It helped me figure out a lot of direction for my future.  I’m good at processing visually and through writing so it gave me a great format for doing that.
  • Scripture verse reminder that my work for God comes from who I am in Him.
  • Being reminded that who we are is more important than what we do and that spiritual growth and progress is the priority.
  • Learning that who I am is not what I do:  understanding that there is a clear vision for my life and it never changes.
  • The dream chart – listing them out and figuring out what/why they are stopped.
  • I enjoyed how she simplified our walk in Christ and how I need to find what is my passion.
  • The activities were helpful in applying concepts right away, instead of waiting and hopefully doing it later; helped organized scattering thoughts and ideas.
  • The Lord is revealing to me who I am in Him.  Your stories were personal!  Thank you.

      The team leader for World Race shared with me the organization’s vision and said that the content of the seminar lines up perfectly with their vision and compliments it nicely.  Also, he felt that each group will have a different dynamic.  For example, this group is in their first month of their journey and they might not be thinking about ‘what next’ yet, but will refer to the materials later.  Another group will be on their sixth month and the seminar will help them answer questions they have already started to have.  This also was a unique group because usually all the World Racers are split up into sub groups, but at Zion’s Gate, even though they split up during the day to help different ministries, they were all staying together in one location.  I have also realized how I need to change some of the seminar for this group (going back to my organizational chart before I was on the mission field – how I lived my vision through different missions).  Plus, I’m going to add some group work.  This will lead to many more seminars for World Racers, Immersion, and Passport short term teams.  Missionary Tony of Zion’s Gate Ministries is going to map out the last week of every team he has and set up a seminar for their last week (days) in Honduras!   How God is that?

NOTE:  We did go downtown Santa Lucia as a family to get ice cream to celebrate 5 years!


Ready In Season… (see pictures)

I received a message from the school guidance counselor today that asked, "Are you comfortable preaching/sharing in Spanish?" Her church has a women's meeting the 1st Saturday of each month, but their guest speaker had to cancel due to an emergency.  So, since it was such short notice, we decided she would translate for me! Since she mentioned the women have so many struggles, I didn't want to assume North American and Honduran struggles were the same. I asked her what the top struggles for a Honduran woman are.

     She replied, "Having to uphold the family, being the help the Lord wants us to be in a macho society, and how to properly guide our kids."

     The word that came to my mind was 'abide.' I began to jot down a few points I wanted to cover and then just typed up a whole message as well as created a hand out in English and in Spanish (she edited it for me).

     I also asked Mikayla 4 questions, having no clue what the response would be.  And since it was good, I'm even going to have Mikayla come and give a testimony.

     Curious about the questions?  Here they are:

  • What was our relationship like before we started meeting 1 hour, one on one, each week?
  • What was it like when we first started?
  • How is our relationship now?
  • How did this change other relationships you have or your relationship with God?

       Want her answers?  Here they are:

     My relationship with my mom, before we starting meeting 1 hour a week, was not very good.  I felt like she never had time for me and I felt like I really didn’t know her well enough to tell her stuff. 

     When we first started meeting it was really weird because I just don’t like kind of sitting there and staring at one another.  I don’t like silent, awkward, moments. 

     Now, I think I am free to tell her whenever something is troubling me.  I know that she will listen.  I know she will understand. 

     So before meeting with my mom, one of my main struggles, other than doubting myself, was my relationship with God.  I didn’t understand it.  I found it confusing, but I met with my mom and after all the awkward moments, she helped me set aside a separate time for just me and God. 

     Having time with my mom, one on one, showed me how to be one on one with someone.  So, when I’m in my room in the mornings, I have my one on one time with God. 

     The service was incredible.  Everyone entered into worship, even though it was just CDs.  The women were very receptive and there was not a dry eye when Mikayla was speaking.  I didn’t know if the translator was going to be able to finish translating because she was so touched (trying to receive and communicate what she was hearing at the same time). 

Speech Competition (see pictures)

All three girls competed in speech at Discovery School (Katarina – ‘Honduras is a Crucible,’ Mikayla – ‘Kick Doubt Out,’ and Rebekah on ‘Perseverance’).  Mikayla and Rebekah went on to compete against other bilingual schools February 9th at the ABSH Language Arts Festival.   Friday night we had the girls all give their speeches at home.  They were great!  I thought each one of them was preaching (Katarina’s was about going from bitter to better and how she realized she was the one who had to change; Mikayla’s was about how doubt comes against you and how you have to get rid of it to accomplish what God wants you to do – using Moses as an example; and Rebekah’s was about different people in history who have overcame even when they failed and she included her own story of how she had to persevere through Math when she first came to Discovery School and how she would say, ‘I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.’).  The seed of God’s word has been planted in many hearts even if they didn’t all win – they are all winners!

     Kjell was there for the meeting Friday night and then early (6:30am) on Saturday morning.  He was a judge for one of the grades for a Spelling Bee.  I dropped Mikayla and Rebekah off at the school later that day.  Mikayla won 1st place.  She received a whole bag of blessings:  Espresso Americano gift card, credit/gift card, flash drive, water bottle, etc.

Hearts for Christ (see pictures)

On President’s Day weekend (yes, we get American and Honduran holidays), Katarina, Mikayla, Rebekah, and Marcy drove out to Heart of Christ Ministries in Talanga (about a 2 ½ hour drive).  The vision of Heart of Christ is meeting people at their moment of greatest need and empowering them to be the solution to their own problems.  This involves rescuing victims of abuse and violence, providing physical needs, education, as well as discipleship and training of leaders. 

     This is how Gracie described our visit:

Then Marcy came to visit, she is another missionary who works in the Fellowship of Missionaries and Missions (our national network of missionaries). We had a lovely time visiting and talking ministry. She came to finally see our ministry and get to know us better.  Her three daughters also came to play with babies.

     We had wanted her to see our work and hahaha, as she arrived I was on the phone with a victim.  She had to wait for greeting as I finished the call.  Then, as we sat talking, another victim called.  Then, as lunch approached two women and a child showed up at the door. They had traveled a long distance by bus because a police officer where they live sent them to us. Marcy helped me interview them, assess their problem, set up a plan to investigate how we can help them, and helped me collect and bag food for them to take. Oh and while we were working with them another phone call came from a single mom with disabled children we help.

     So she was able to see our ministry in action. Please pray for the case we received at the door. This woman has two baby girls age 8 months and 2 years. It was her mother and aunt who came to us today. This woman suffered horrible abuse at the hand of her husband, who then raped his own 2 year old daughter, her baby. He is in prison now and she has no means to support her babies and wants to put them in IHNFA. We are looking for a means to help this woman recover from the abuse and keep her two small children, whom the grandmother said were both severely malnourished because the husband would not give them food. I will be doing a home visit next week to see her and the baby girls.

     It was great to see the ministry in action.  What is amazing is that when a parent can not ‘afford’ their child (food, clothes, school), they want to send them to INFA (which is like DCF – Department of Child and Family services).  They do not understand that if they send their child to INFA, there are no beds, there is no food, and there is no money.  And, on top of that, their child (who they are trying to ‘save’) will end up getting abused (physically or sexually) or even get lost in the system. 

     I felt helpless when we prayed.  One thing Gracie does is train have train police, investigators, judges, prosecutors, youth, parents, medical professionals, leaders etc on domestic/family abuse, child abuse, and sex crimes against children.  I’m hoping the Honduran Fellowship will be able to create an event or meeting where she can share this with missionaries. 


Temple of the Holy Spirit

This month, our women’s bible study leader (pastor’s wife) could not make it to a Tuesday bible study, but everyone still wanted to meet.  Since we were studying the temple Solomon built, I remembered a teaching I gave on us being the temple of the Holy Spirit.  I printed my notes and handouts, glanced over it, and put it in my bag.  After we shared our favorite verse, we were able to compare the items and parts of the physical temple with and then share how we are the temple.   What got me this time was how much detail was in the tabernacle and even more in the temple and then to Jesus and us. All these details of the temple and the sacrifice of Jesus so that we could have access to relationship with God and be a carrier of God's presence.

ABSH Music Festival (see pictures)

We could not send the girls to the Music Festival this year because they had some class trips coming up and they chose those trips over choir.  A parent contacted us and said she would take care of the hotel and meals (she was going to be in a room with her daughter) and a teacher said she would drive them there with her family (saving money on the cost of the bus for two).  All I paid for was an offering for gas, meals for the girls on the way there and back, and I made some mini chocolate cream pies as a thank-you for the families and music teachers.  The trip was blessing enough – but the mom also took the girls to a water park in San Pedro!

     ABSH Music Festival is scored as: superior, excellent, good, and honorable mention.  The Discovery choir received Superior and perfect punctuation. Katarina got Superior for her solo (Luna Llena – indigenous Honduran song) and Mikayla got Excellent for her solo (‘There Can Be Miracles’ by Mariah Carey).


Run the Race for World Racers  

Rebekah puts the materials together

Candy too - even the sticky Jolly Ranchers were a hit!

Some of the tents on the property

Building for teams (some tents inside and kitchen)

40+ desks in Honduran classroom?  Yup.

Motivational gifts activity

Space for activities is a challenge

Name tag activity

Dream chart activity

With unlimited time, resources, etc., I would ________ because___________.

Ready in Season...  

Church of Acts

Thank you Jesus for giving your life for me.  To Your name be the glory.

Time of worship

Ivonne translates for Marcy


Servant vs. friend activity

Seeking Him

Closing song

Speech Competition  

Rebekah is ready for, "Perseverance."

Mikayla is ready for, "Kick Doubt Out.'

Hanging with a friend

Mikayla takes 1st place!

Hearts for Christ  

Ministry and home

Grace & Lee and the gang

Mikayla the baby magnet

The youngest

ABSH Music Festival  


Staying at a hotel (San Pedro)

Discovery School Choir

Hard to see the girls in the back row

Music teachers and choir directors

Fun at the water park


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